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Yoga or audiobooks? Here's how bunqers do self care

July 6, 2021
Woman laying on bed with breakfast

We’ve asked around the bunqer: what do you do for yourself?


“A good skincare routine every Sunday night”, says Brian. “I’m talking a 30 minutes face ritual: pre-cleansing, scrubbing, mask, cleansing - followed by a good sleep”. Good on you Brian! To the bunqers that are still scrolling through their phones at midnight (me, *coughing sounds*), listen and learn.


“I run 6 km twice a week, and go to the gym 3-4 times per week”. Let me rephrase that for Sergey. He intends to do all this - he just started. Nevertheless, I’ve heard having ambitious goals is also good for your mental health. We’re here to (mentally) support you Sergey, go get ‘em!


Adam has a whole wellness list. “I love meditating, running, having 30 minute conversations with friends while I cycle to work and taking my wife out on dates”. I’m not crying, you’re crying. If anyone is looking for self care for yourself and your significant other...follow Adam’s advice and go for a great dinner out tonight. Horeca needs you anyway.


“I meditate, light up incense sticks and simply watch them burn away. Sometimes I add some stretches to this ritual”. That sounds like a lovely way to wind down after a busy day - add a bubbly bath and you’ve got the definition of relaxation!


Nadeche’s way of self care involves a little less chilling, a little more pain: “I do pole dancing, and frankly torturing myself with stretching exercises. Oh, I also read, for a change of pace”. This may be my favorite combination of wellness activities. Spending 30 minutes trying to do the splits, spending another 30 with your feet up, reading your favorite book. Kudos to you, Nadeche.


Milena loves to turn her phone off and just cook. No distractions, just love and yummy smells. We have no further details about the quality of the food, but if she wants to invite us all over for a quick taste test...I’d be happy to report!


“Journaling, meditation, bubble baths.” Yes, Viktoria, that sounds pretty self care-y. I knew someone would eventually mention bubble baths! Maximum relaxation, and way cheaper than the SPA. Follow us for more money saving tips. Or read this.


Ana-Maria also has a relaxed view on wellness. She loves to paint, game and do yoga to keep herself happy. No information about the talent level was given, nor have we seen any of these paintings...but given that bunqers are brilliant folks, they’re probably great.


Vicki and Velislav both love to start their day with a workout or yoga session. Wait, so not everybody snoozes their alarm 10 times and then drags their bodies to the coffee machine? Interesting. More power to you! Velislav also ends his day with a 10,000 steps walk while listening to audiobooks. He calls this his “favorite thing”, and I’m not gonna lie, it sounds like an amazing way to end the day.


Oh, and me? Glad you asked. I’m Andra, I love long walks while listening to comedy podcasts and trying to get better at this yoga thing - a.k.a falling on all sides from failed headstands. Somehow being upside down is still pretty therapeutic to me.

There you go! This is how bunqers do self care, to make sure they’re always ready for whatever tomorrow brings. Building the bank of The Free isn’t easy, but it sure is fun.

What do you do to take care of yourself?

Head to our social media channels and let us know in the comments!

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