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Wow! We’ve just planted 1 million trees together!

August 31, 2020

But you surprised us, as you always do, and here we are! 🌳

Today we’ve just reached that number together, half a year before expectations! This means that we could actually be planting twice as many before the end of the year. Challenge accepted?

Why is this a big deal? ❗

Deforestation is a global problem that we need to tackle together. The rising levels of CO2 are a major participating factor and planting trees is something we can do to change that. With Easy Green this takes zero effort from your side.

How are the trees planted? 🌲

bunq makes sure a tree is planted for every € 100 spent by SuperGreen users. We do this through a partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects. These trees capture 308kg CO2 over their 25 year average life span and are located on a dedicated site in Madagascar. This is because it’s important to plant trees in an equatorial climate that’s most efficient for taking up CO2 all year round.

What does 1 million trees really mean? 🌱

To put it simply, it means we’ve just planted enough trees to offset more than 325K flights from New York to Paris! How impressive is that?!

We couldn’t be happier about this achievement 🌈

If you’re looking to multiply your green impact even further, create a Tribe and invite your friends to join. More trees, more games, more fun!

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