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April 28, 2020


Wow! A 400 percent increase in new deposits. Here’s why

Remember when everyone was buying toilet paper, chocolate and all sorts of pasta?

If not, we’ve got it covered here. The good news is: panic buying slowed down and we’re now noticing a couple of changes in our bunq users’ focus: you’re looking for safety, and you’re thinking long-term.

Here are 3 things most of you are now doing to keep yourselves safe (spoilers: the last one may be our favorite)! And if you’re not, well, what are you waiting for?!

1. You’re skyrocketing safe contactless payments 🚀

You’re staying safe and germs-free by embracing the full power of digital banking through contactless payments! Your use of services like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Tap & Pay or Online Cards is absolutely going through the roof, so you don’t have to touch any foreign surfaces! We’ve always offered a mobile-first, fully-digital banking experience and you’re now using it not only for convenience but for your own protection. Kudos to that! 👍

2. Your supermarket visits are 25% more efficient 🏪

With restaurants and bars closed, events canceled, working from home as the norm and pretty much most of “real life” on hold, the supermarket is one of the few places you still visit. As a result, you are also taking a different (and safer) approach.

You are prioritizing your safety and spending more time at home! Your visits to the store are less frequent, but now you spend around 25% more per trip. That means you now shop wisely and think long-term, which is absolutely the right thing to do! Also, no one likes to take 2 trips for anything, really.

3. New users - you’re depositing 400% more 🌈

Over the past few weeks, many of you have fully switched to bunq, the only bank in the world that lets YOU decide what happens with your money. Hello, new bunqers! We’re super excited to welcome you aboard!

You took a very important decision. A quadruple (!!!) increase in the average deposits among new users tells us that you chose to enjoy a fully digital experience and entirely switched from your traditional bank, making bunq your first choice! Woo-hoo! We hope you’re ready to enjoy easy savings, the value of saving time every time, the magic of automation and freedom of choice! 🚀

Wondering why your money is safer with bunq than with traditional banks? Learn more about Freedom of Choice here!

What’s next? We’ll just keep making things better for you!

One thing is for sure - turbulent times always reward innovation. For example, in 2008 (the year mostly remembered now for a severe worldwide financial crisis) many successful startups emerged: Airbnb, Groupon, Github, Slack and MongoDB, to name a few.

bunq has always offered you the latest innovation in banking, like contactless, secure and fully-digital services. We’ll make sure we’re only getting better to constantly meet your needs.

We always listen to you carefully and improve - and that’s what we’re up to. Stay tuned! 💪

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