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Wow! 9 out of 10 prefer bunq for international payments

April 24, 2020
Illustrated puzzle with bunq piece and transferwise piece uniting.

There are many new things to get used to. You probably don’t speak the language, you have to register in 100 places, it’s all confusing and sometimes a bit lonely. We figured there’s no need to add banking to your list of “new expat issues”, so here’s what we’ve done.

First of all, we let you sign up (online) hassle-free, so you don’t have to figure out the logistics of your new country’s banking system. You only need a phone and an ID, and you can sign up in 5 minutes, anytime and anywhere, even if you don’t have your new social security number yet! Deal with that later, with your money safely stored.

Second, we offered you easy banking in a language that you understand. We know how frustrating it is to get banking letters in a language you don’t know, so we made sure it won’t happen. The bunq app operates in 7 languages and so does our awesome customer support team!

Here’s something else extremely important to most expats: sending and receiving money from abroad. Many of us bunqers are expats ourselves, so we’ve all been through it! We also remember it being a pain.

Why is it like that though?

Well, most of your money is stored in your bank account (we hope so at least!). Logically, if you’d like to send or receive money, you’d look at the source first: your bank. Here’s where the fun starts: they will tell you that international transfers cost a ridiculous amount of money, but why should it be when you want to move your own money from one account to the other? Most banks do this to add a mark-up to the exchange rate, which is what makes your transfer more expensive than it should be. So you then need to look for an alternative that doesn’t break the bank (get it?).

We identified this as a huge problem for our users and knew we had to act quickly to save you time, money and some anger.

In 2018 we partnered with TransferWise enabling you to transfer money abroad with incredibly low fees and the real exchange rate. We first supported 39 different currencies. Then we introduced a new feature which allows you to send US Dollars, British Pounds and Euros ​anywhere in the world​. You want to send US Dollars to Hong Kong? Or Euros to Poland? Or British Pounds to Australia? Now you can at bunq.

It’s been 2 years since then, and wow! You guys really loved this partnership and did not shy away from making the most out of it!

9 out of 10 bunq users who use TransferWise send money abroad through bunq ! 🙌

This is because it’s super convenient having the service available within your regular bunq app at the low cost and real exchange rate of TransferWise. Sounds like you guys are saving a whole lot of time and money! Cheers to that!

93% would recommend international transfers at bunq via TransferWise

Here's another great thing you had to say about transferring money through bunq thanks to our partnership with TransferWise:

88% are satisfied or very satisfied with the service

Want to be part of the happy crowd and start sending money internationally? Here’s how:

1. Sign up​ for bunq in 5 minutes

2. Tap on "Pay"

3. Select a different currency

4. We automatically create a TransferWise account for you in a few seconds (or link your

existing account)

5. Type the details of the recipient

6. Done!

Are you a Business 💼 or Business SuperGreen 🌳 user?

You’re very welcome to send money all around the world too, with the same super low fee and the real exchange rate! Just follow the process above!

Thank you for choosing bunq for sending money abroad!

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