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Workation tips for the digital nomad

August 3, 2020

Luckily, she gave us some insights that we’re now excited to share with you, so read on and plan the perfect workation! 🏖️

“I can tell workations are becoming more popular as time passes. Granted, we can’t really enjoy tropical getaways such as Bali at the moment, but a summer house in France or right here in our own Dutch Veluwe, are definitely within reach. Who would’ve thought that working remotely would be possible for people from all walks of life, rather than just entrepreneurs and business owners?

Perhaps you enjoy working remotely so much you’re considering switching careers in order to obtain more freedom. I’ve talked to numerous people my age lately, people for whom 20 vacation days a year just doesn’t cut it anymore. These times have given rise to a new kind of freelancer: the digital nomad, someone who doesn’t shy away from working hard, but prefers to add exploring the world to the mix.

Personally, I’ve got quite a number of workations under my belt, so I’d love to use this guest blog as an opportunity to give you some tips and tricks for when you’re on a workation.

For starters, a workation doesn’t mean you have to travel the globe (although I can’t wait until it’s possible again!). Workations close to home can be just as rewarding! In fact, I’m already seeing people enjoy a ‘work-staycation’: a brief escape from the confines of your home or office by taking a stroll or a quick dive in a pool.

Budget like a pro 🌈

Before you leave home, decide how long you want your workation to last and what you want to do at your destination. Consider for instance if you’re subletting your house to cover (most of your) expenses and how expensive life at your destination is. € 1 is worth more in Asia than it is in Europe.

Additionally, decide on the amount of time you want to spend on work. Try not to exceed a 40 hour work week. After all, you’re there to enjoy the finer things in life.

During my workations, I tend to spend more than I would at home. Grabbing a coffee, enjoying nice restaurants and exciting trips… It all adds up. With 25 sub-accounts, it’s easy for me to use my bunq app, so I always know exactly how much I can spend at any given time.

When you plan to work away from home for an extended period of time, I highly recommend having a rainy day fund of sorts. That way you’re not dependent on getting enough work, allowing you to enjoy a carefree workation.

Temporary office 💻

Get a hotel room that’s big enough for you to work in. When you spend a lot of time in your room, it’s more comfortable if you don’t have to work from your bed. Especially when you’re away for quite some time, it’s nice to have a desk of sorts to work from. Using Airbnb for your workation could be a good alternative for that very reason.

Office hours ⏰

Working abroad often means adjusting your daily schedule: waking and sleeping hours often won’t coincide with those of your employers or clients. Be sure to align calls and online meetings with the office hours of your hometown, planning other activities around it.

Of course working in a foreign country means you don’t want to be inside all day long. Personally, I always made the effort to get up early and work till lunch. After that I’d go out, and perhaps do some extra work in a local café. That way I’d still have a large part of the day to focus on putting the vacation in my workation!

Relax and enjoy 🍹

Last but not least, make sure you take the time to have a good time. That’s why you took a workation after all! Plan for the moments you dreamed of. Visit a museum during your lunch break! Make sure your workload doesn’t prevent you from going out. Go out and explore!

Dreaming of a workation in a tropical paradise or in a cool city? Plan ahead and make your dreams come true!"

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