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Why we're planting mangroves to help you become CO2 free

April 28, 2022

So far, the community has planted over 6 million trees! All of this is possible thanks to a partnership with the Eden Reforestation Projects. They’re currently planting mangroves for bunq users in Kenya! Wondering why we chose mangroves, and what’s the importance of these trees? Read on!

So what are mangroves?🤷

Mangroves are tropical trees. What’s so special about them is that they can thrive in conditions most other trees couldn’t: salty waters and the constant flow of the tide. They’re actually the only species of trees in the world that can tolerate saltwater.

Mangroves and CO2🍃

Mangroves have the ability to store large amounts of carbon dioxide - up to four times as much carbon as other tropical forests. A 2018 study calculated that the world’s mangrove forests suck up more than 6 billion tons of carbon a year. This clearly makes them a really important player in the fight against climate change. Problem is, they’re under threat worldwide. It’s up to us to make sure we make active efforts in protecting what’s left, and creating more. To put it simply, we gotta help them, so they can help us.

If you’re curious about where bunqers’ trees are currently being planted to help with reforestation, you can find more info right here.

Mangroves and the sea life🐠

But mangroves don’t only support humans. The underwater habitat that they create serves as an environment for thousands of fish species, from tiny ones to 3 meter sharks. These species usually find comfort in the seagrass beds while they grow, and head into the ocean as adults.

Mangroves and the people🧑🏽🤝🧑🏽

Moreover, mangroves help stabilize shorelines by preventing erosion. This doesn’t only protect the land, but all the people who live there too, making it less likely for them to be victims of storms.  The forests provide resources that coastal people depend on. At low tide, people can collect clams, shellfish, or shrimp. At high tide, the land becomes a rich fishing ground.

The mangroves that bunq plants through Eden Reforestation Projects are also meant to offset the high demand of mangroves that comes from the people living around the sites, in The Kwasasi and Magumba . As they need mangroves poles for firewood, boats, and building houses, deforestation is an issue. Through the employment of local villagers and the planting of thousands of native trees, Eden’s Kenya team works to restore their environment while lifting the local community out of extreme poverty.

Mangroves - the wonder trees✨

For all the reasons above, we chose to plant mangroves in the names of all Easy Green users that want to be CO2-free* in just 2 years. Since mangroves face numerous threats, we’re dedicated to playing our part in making sure that these forests grow, giving the planet the lungs it needs. And you can be part of this too - with zero effort.

Wanna learn more about Easy Green, or our green efforts? Check out this page.

* Based on the average yearly carbon footprint of a European citizen and the average number of trees planted each year by an Easy Green user. Learn more here.

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