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What to do if you have a weekend in Paris

August 11, 2021


First things first - the Eiffel Tower. Whether this is your first or third time in Paris, it’s hard to imagine a trip here without stopping by the famous landmark. While many people climb to the top - which you should definitely do if you haven’t before - don’t forget to simply look at this incredible piece of architecture. And what better way to enjoy anything in Paris than with a bottle of good wine, baguettes and small bites? Grab a blanket and join the locals next to the tower for one of the most beautiful meals of one's lifetime.

Since you may have been travelling today, let’s keep things light. Head to the Bouquinistes, alongside the Seine River. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’ll find many stands selling souvenirs, art, books or postcards. Stroll around and grab a couple of memorable souvenirs for your loved ones.

Ready to move on? Head to the famous Arc de Triomphe, an iconic and historic structure that was built in the 1800s, known worldwide for its fantastic architecture. You can simply admire it, or if you can’t get enough of watching Paris from the top...get on it! Mind that you need to buy tickets in advance and you can only reach the top by stairs. 284 stairs.

P.S.: Here’s a pro tip for you - if you want to enjoy a beautiful view for free, make sure to check out the rooftop of Galeries Lafayette.

Ready for dinner? Head to the Moulin Rouge area for an iconic night out. Here you can have dinner at Le Chat Noir (open ‘till late), or check out cafe Des Deux Moulins if you’re an Amelie fan and want to feel like you’re part of the action.

Later on, you can watch the famous Moulin Rouge show while enjoying some drinks to end the evening with a classic.


Ready to get cultural? Grab a delicious croissant and coffee to go and head to the Louvre. Keep in mind that showing up to this museum without tickets or a planned group tour will mean hours of waiting in line. Check out the Deals in your bunq app to see if there’s any discounts or tours available!

P.S.: Pro tip nr. 2 - there is a secret entrance at Porte des Lions that has a shorter line than the entrance through the pyramids.

Speaking of lines...expect one in front of the famous Mona Lisa (sorry, we’ve got no way of helping with this one). Feeling underwhelmed? Just stare at it for a second; can you tell what her expression is trying to say to you? Move around for a bit - but keep looking into her eyes. Pretty impressive, right?

Louvre can take days to see fully, but hunger will probably hit at some point. Head to Les Foodies, which is just a 10 minute walk from the museum and enjoy a 3 course lunch menu for just €23! That’s a great deal for this area.

Now that you’re recharged, grab the Metro or a Taxi and go to the Sacré-Cœur, a breathtakingly beautiful cathedral. Most of the time, you’ll also find live entertainment on its stairs: from musicians to dancers or painters, there’s always something happening. Already missing those views from the top? Good, cause you’ll find one of the best ones here.

You’re now in Montmartre, one of the most famous areas in Paris, mainly known for its artsy history. You’ll soon discover that every little street here is picture worthy and will most definitely fall in love with the place. Don’t forget to stop by La Maison Rose, a cafe which Picasso himself used to frequent.

Once you’ve walked around enough to build a good appetite, head to Le Jardin d'en Face, a well known French restaurant where you’ll find a mix of locals and tourists. The food is good, the atmosphere is casual and the prices are very affordable. Alternatively, you can check out Le Poulbot if you're looking for a slightly more sophisticated dinner experience that still doesn’t break the bank.

End the night at one of the many wine bars around, or party on until the wee hours - both very doable in this neighbourhood!


It’s the last day, but we still have things to see! For an energy boost, grab a traditional French brunch from one of the many cafes in the area where you’re staying. You can’t do Sunday in Paris without brunch...pretty sure it’s a sin.

If time allows, hop on the Metro or Taxi and head to the Palace of Versailles. You won’t find this in many must do lists, because it’s situated slightly outside of Paris. It’s absolutely worth it. The palace is listed as a World Heritage Site and contains 2,300 rooms spread over 63,154 m2 - yes, you read that right. Besides, the Musical Gardens outside are unlike any other you’ve seen before - as impressive as the palace itself.

However, if your trip home is scheduled earlier in the day, just join a cruise on the Seine. Wave one last goodbye to Paris from its beautiful river!

And that’s it! Here’s what to do if you have a weekend in Paris.🇫🇷

Time to go home and show everyone the hundreds of pictures you’ve taken...while planning the next weekend break, of course.

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