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What do you miss most?

May 18, 2020
A group of hikers having a laugh

Let’s be honest, it seems like this odd situation we’re all in is here to stay. We now have to find a new way of life and build “the new normal”, because going back to what we knew is pretty far away. However, with most countries relaxing their measures nowadays, one starts to dream.

Our bunqers are no different, of course. We’re happy to work online at full capacity, happy to still offer you the latest innovations in digital banking and let you open a bank account in 5 minutes from your own home. We’re grateful for being safe and sound, but we’re only human - we miss the good old days. And by that, we mean 2019.

We asked around the (remote) office - what do you miss most? What’s the first thing you’ll do when this is over? Here are some of our favorite answers!

✈️ Peter says he can’t wait to travel - as you can imagine, he’s not the only one giving this answer. But he’s also very excited to see his grandma again, and that just melted our hearts.

👪 Robert-Jan and Egor also really miss seeing their family.

🏁 We're sure Patrick has some emotional answer somewhere deep inside too, but he told us he’s excited for Formula 1.

🎊 Nadeche said she can’t help her inner Dutch, so she naturally misses festivals. In case you’re not familiar with this, the Dutch reaaalllly love their festivals. Unfortunately, it seems like Nadeche may have to wait a bit longer than the rest of us. Would a YouTube video do?

🏉 Nathan can’t wait for sports events to be back! Well, they’re slowly returning, so cheers to that!

🍜 Anna has a favorite Ramen place that she needs to visit as soon as possible. Sorry everyone, she won’t say which place…

🕺 Evgeny misses clubs - or at least, we assume that’s what “a lot of sweaty bodies on the dancefloor” means. Thoughts?

🤗 Ajara had another heartwarming answer that makes us go “awww”: she can’t wait to hug someone as soon as they meet. Do you remember when that was a thing?!

🏘️ Emy “misses everything”, and still needs to figure out what comes first: going home, going to bars or house parties? We’d say, go home, have a huge house party and end it at the bar. Then come back, and do the same with the bunqers!

🍹 Alexandra misses Saturday night drinks with friends and Sunday family dinners. Yep, that sounds like a perfect weekend!

🎥 Brian wants to go to the movies - he claims he tried the “home” version, but apparently it’s not the same without the overpriced popcorn. A couple of bunqers offered to sell him overpriced popcorn if it helps.

☕ Vanessa just misses working from a place where she doesn’t need to make her own coffee. The struggle is real.

🐶 Andra misses the bar down the street, Champions League and her tiny dog. Juuso’s also looking forward to watching football again!

🌈 Olly just can’t wait to see us bunqers all reunited, and he definitely misses the office vibe with its amazing Friday evenings - yeah that’s right, we’re ending with an emotional one!

There you go! A couple of things that bunqers miss right now and are excited to do again one day. We don’t know when that will happen, but we’re free to dream and hope.

What do you miss most and cannot wait to enjoy again? Let us know!

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