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What to do if you have a weekend in Berlin

August 4, 2021


After arriving, you may want to take it easy on your first day and relax. You’re in luck! Berlin is an awesome place to walk around and unwind, getting in some pretty views. To truly get the vibe, check out the Eastside Gallery. You can find it along Mühlenstraße - the world’s largest open-air mural collection. Walk along the art of more than 100 artists and enjoy your evening.

A good walk builds a good appetite. When in Berlin, you’ve got to try a döner! The legend says, you can find the best one at Mustafa's Gemüse Kebap - quite a commute from the Eastside, but it all depends on how motivated you are to try the best döner in the world. Another must try is the famous Currywurst, so make sure you schedule this in your foodie plan! You can find them at most food trucks around the city.


Start your day with a bit of history and get to understand more about Germany and Berlin at Checkpoint Charlie. This is a symbol of the Cold War, and it used to be the place bordering East and West Berlin. Today, there stands a fascinating museum. You can also get fake stamps from actors around the museum, just as you used to “back in the day”. We recommend you use an expired passport for this, to make sure these stamps are never an issue when you travel.

After lunch, it’s time to explore another well known part of the scene - the beer scene! If the weather is nice, go to one of the city’s many beer gardens. If you’d like to try something more special, check out the famous Hops&Barley or Heidenpeters. Here you can find great local craft beers, as well as some brews from neighboring Belgium. Try Erdinger Hafeweizen, a classic wheat beer brewed in Bavaria or Augustiner, a full-flavoured Bavarian beer that comes from Munich. A must do is Berliner Kindl Weisse, with a distinctly sour taste. It comes in three varieties: ohne schuss is the normal one, ein rotes is sweetened with raspberry syrup, and the ein grünes is flavoured with green woodruff. Yep.

Before the evening, head to the Brandenburg Gate - the icon of the city. It was once “no man’s land”, between East and West Berlin. Today, it represents unity. By visiting later you’ll avoid most of the crowds and get some cool pictures with the monument’s lights on.

Ready to party? Well, you’re in the right city. Watergate has a reputation for being a great spot for tourists, located along the water. It also has a floating outdoor deck in the summer! However, you’ve got so many options in Berlin that it’d be hard to list them here. Do a little bit of research depending on your own taste and what you expect from your night out. One thing’s clear - you’ll find it!


Enjoy some chill time while taking in the city one last time before going home. Holzmarkt is a great spot to just relax with a drink and a bite next to the water, taking it easy. Another great idea is to take a canal cruise around the city, so you get to see whatever you’ve missed while comfortably cruising. Plus, any view is better from the water (or at least that’s what we think here in Amsterdam - we assume it applies everywhere).

That’s it! This is what to do if you have a weekend in Berlin!🇩🇪

Time to go home and get back to reality - well, until the next weekend trip! Where’s yours?

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