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You can now visit the bunq community’s mangrove tree in Amsterdam!

November 3, 2022

The bunq community keeps surprising us with how many trees they easily plant every day. We’ve just reached 8.5 million! Every time an Easy Green user spends  €100, they make the planet greener. Since bunq Update 21, every bunqer can also plant trees by trying their luck with the Wheel of Fortune, inviting friends to join, or recommending Places.

A question we got asked pretty often was “where can we see these trees?”. bunq is planting trees in Kenya and Madagascar, places that we, together with our partner Eden Reforestation Projects,  identified as perfect for our users to have the biggest impact possible on global warming. However, we still wanted our beautiful community to have something close to them, something that they can always see that represents the millions of trees they’ve already planted.


We’re happy to announce that as of today, you can visit the bunq adopted mangrove at the Hortus Botanicus, Amsterdam! 

We chose to adopt the red mangrove at the Hortus Botanicus, as it’s the exact same species we plant in Madagascar and Kenya. Mangroves have the ability to store large amounts of carbon dioxide - up to four times as much carbon as other tropical forests. This makes them a really important player in the fight against climate change. However, they’re under threat worldwide. It’s up to us to be proactive in protecting what’s left, and creating more. If you’d like to learn more about why mangroves are absolute wonder trees, check out this article

Go see the red mangrove at Hortus Botanicus, and know that behind this one tree, there’s a whole bunq community and an impressive amount of trees planted throughout the years. Together we’ve truly made a difference, and none of this would’ve been possible without YOU. This tree is for all that’s been done, and for all that’s to come - ‘cause we know you’ll keep making the planet a better place, day by day.

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