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Top 5 destinations for summer in European

July 1, 2020

Let’s be honest, we’re all itching to travel. A short weekend trip, a whole week lying on the beach or an energetic hike far away from city life...these all sound wonderful after being home for so long.

We still need to travel smart and take care of ourselves. We also need to do some research and check out what countries are open for pleasure, so check out our top 5 picks for travels in Europe this summer!

Cyprus 🇨🇾

Cyprus is an underestimated gem. Its beauty will impress you, while the prices are way lower than more famous spots you may have in mind. There are plenty of blue flag beaches waiting for you this summer.

Cyprus’ cuisine is highly inspired by its neighboring countries, so no worries about getting bored with the same kind of food. Grilled halloumi, anyone?

They also proudly claim the world’s oldest wine still in production, called Commandaria. Did we mention that Whiskey Sours is the island’s preferred drink? We recommend you stick to these instead of their national drink, called Zivania, which alcohol’s content varies between 40-99%.

Belgium 🇧🇪

Belgium has opened its borders since June, and its magical, tiny towns are waiting for you!

Head to Belgium if you’re looking to city hop in between beautiful places. It’s really easy to explore this country due to its size. A rented car can take you around, and you can also rely on the great public transport.

A visit to Bruges (seen the movie? Then you know it’s a fairytale!), Gent, Antwerp and Brussels will be unforgettable. The canals and unique architecture will catch your eye, but the waffles, Belgian special beers and fries...will win your heart!

Fun fact - did you know that fries are actually from Belgium, despite commonly being known as “French Fries”?

Italy 🇮🇹

As the country’s tourism was severely hit by a strict lockdown, a trip here truly helps the locals get back on their feet. Moreover, Italy is now making great efforts to attract us to their land and beautiful islands, with cheap flights and great deals.

And no island has a better deal than Sicily!

As Italy’s largest and one of the most popular islands, Sicily is subsidizing part of its visitors' stays. The offers include one night of a three-night trip for free, as well as free visits to museums and attractions. That means you get to save money and enjoy one of the greatest spots in Europe.

Make sure that Palermo and the famous Etna volcano are on your list!

Portugal 🇵🇹

Portugal has a mild climate all year round, making it perfect for any kind of trip. If a city break and foodie adventures are your gems, head to Lisbon. The city won’t disappoint in terms of culture and life. Don’t miss the Pasteis de Nata! And don’t worry about having one too many pastries - Lisbon’s famously steep hills will make sure you stay in shape.

Are you more into chilling out with a fresh Sangria? Head south to the Albufeira region. Here you’ll find beautiful beaches in close proximity, meaning you can easily hop between places and check them off your list.

Enjoy the seafood and drinks on a warm day, and run straight into the ocean to cool off. Okay, don’t run - to be fair, the water is colder than you think.

Switzerland 🇨🇭

The heat and sand are not for everyone, we get it. There are few places in Europe more beautiful than Switzerland when it comes to enjoying all nature has to offer.

Mountain lakes, waterfalls, forests or luxurious wellness resorts, you can find them all in Switzerland. Embrace the Swiss Riviera and stop by a medieval castle, or check out the famous pyramid-shaped mountain, The Matterhorn. See the breathtaking Geneva Lake or take the train to Jungfraujoch, “the top of Europe”, located at 3,454 meters.

The possibilities truly are endless here, and we didn’t even touch upon the beautiful cities! But you know what’s not endless? Budgets.

Switzerland doesn’t exactly make the list of “cheap travels”, so planning your finances in advance is crucial. While we can’t make this destination cheaper for you, we can advise you to use bunq’s Travel Card and save 3% while spending money abroad.

There you have it, our top 5 destinations for traveling in Europe this summer!

Make sure to follow the rules and stay safe! We hope you get to enjoy some quality time alone or with your loved ones.

Want to learn more about traveling with bunq? We've put together some useful information for you here.

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