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October 13, 2021


Top 5 coworking spaces in Berlin

Are you a freelancer or digital nomad looking for the perfect spot to share inspiration, ideas and innovation with fellow peeps?

Great! We’ve made this list just for you. Check out these top 5 coworking spaces in Berlin🇩🇪

Ahoy! Berlin⛵

Welcome aboard! Life is better on a boat, and so is working on your dreams. Ahoy! is a well known spot in Berlin for freelancers to get together and work on cool projects. It’s also conveniently located around cafes and food spots, so you can always recharge. There are different rooms of different sizes and seating arrangements. You can even host a workshop here! Of course, there’s fast internet, great lighting, and coffee on site to keep you energetic throughout your work hours.

The price is €15 per day, and €180 per month.


If you’re a female freelancer, digital nomad or just a traveller looking for some quiet time while doing some work...this is a great option. CoWomen was designed by women, for women, so you’ll feel at home right away. You can work on your own thing or chat with other inspiring people, learning great skills from each other. Workshops are also sometimes organized here.
You can enjoy free coffee or tea and fast internet - all this in a central location.

The price is €100 for 5 days, and €180 for 10 days.


betahaus, located on Rudi-Dutschke-Straße, seems to be a really popular choice! This one frequently makes the top for freelancers and digital nomads looking for coworking spaces in Berlin, and for good reason. On the ground floor, you’ll find a cafe where you can share drinks, food and chats with others. The other 4 floors are work spaces - of course, you can still exchange ideas there too. They even organize breakfasts where everyone gets to know each other and learn even more useful skills.

You can join this coworking spot from €99 per month.


Mindspace has 3 coworking locations in Berlin, so you may have to check them out and pick your favorite. You can meet like minded people and share free coffee, tea or after work beers. There’s also fresh fruit to keep that immunity up and your body healthy. You’ll find open areas as well as private offices. You can access Mindspace 24/7, making it a perfect fit for your personal work schedule. The place also organizes occasional breakfasts or happy hours, giving you a true sense of community.

Prices start at €300 per month.


Enklave is a community oriented spot, where the space is divided in 3 parts: social, focus, silence. This way, you’ll always be around the vibes you’re looking for. Once working time is done and you’re ready for some productive (or not) socializing, you can join one of their daily events, which often include meals. Enklave is also one of the most affordable spots for freelancers, digital nomads or travelers, getting an extra point for that reason.

You can join for just €100 per month.

There you go🙌

These are our top 5 coworking spaces in Berlin. What’s your favorite? Head to our socials and let us know!

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