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Top 5 cities for expats in Europe

April 7, 2021

Where to? Check out these top 5 European cities for expats! 🌈

1. Valencia, Spain 🌞

According to Internations, Valencia scored a splendid 1st place out of 66 cities worldwide when it comes to the perfect destination for expats! People are really happy with their quality of urban living and the overall cost needed to live a fabulous expat life. Healthcare is easily available, and of course, everyone seems to love the Spanish weather! The locals are generally friendly and have an active lifestyle, although you’ll probably need to learn the language in order to enjoy the experience to the max. The only “pain point” of Valencia compared to other cities is the job market - so, if you can live as a digital nomad or simply work from abroad for your current company...sounds like Valencia is an amazing idea!

2. Lisbon, Portugal 🏖️

Oh, Lisbon! Another beautiful city that makes “pretty-much-every-European-top”, and for good reasons. The city is famous with the expat community that finds it easy to settle down here and feel welcomed. Almost 80% of the expats in Lisbon are happy with their social life in the city! The great weather is also a factor that puts Lisbon high on this list, together with opportunities to enjoy it: the beaches, the parks, the terraces. One of the things to keep in mind is that finding housing may be a bit difficult, so start your research early or see if your company can help with this. Expats seem to be happy with their jobs and their lifestyles, but would like to have more opportunities - a.k.a a larger job market. However, it’s definitely improving every year!

3. Brighton, UK 🎨

I know what you’re thinking - not London? While London may be the obvious choice for a corporate job and the big city life, we figured it’s time to shine some light on Brighton. This coastal city is perfect for the digital nomads, the artists, the entrepreneurs and start-ups enthusiasts. It’s known for its openness and acceptance, unofficially named the happiest place to live in the UK. As an expat, you can enjoy a great cultural life, quirky shopping areas and bars, and of course: the sea and beach! And of course... everyone speaks English.

4.  Amsterdam, the Netherlands 🌷

What a great city! Okay, we’re a bit subjective when it comes to our home, but plenty of expats agree. The capital of the Netherlands is increasing in popularity due to its growing tech scene too. Over 80 Dutch start-ups were included in Deloitte’s 2019 Technology Fast 500 list, and Amsterdam was responsible for an impressive number of those companies. Amsterdam is a safe, beautiful city, famous for its bikes and bike lanes. The work-life balance is good and it’s quite easy to make friends, as almost 200 nationalities are mingling between the canals of this city. The only thing you’ll have to learn how to deal with is the weather...don’t expect that Valencia sunshine over here! Except in this picture below.

5. Vienna, Austria 🏰

Austria’s capital, Vienna, got voted the most livable city in Europe more than once. A couple of reasons for this great achievement are related to stability, education, infrastructure and healthcare. All important things that you definitely care for as an expat. Besides, Vienna is full of culture, and the fact that you can casually visit gorgeous palaces on a Saturday is kinda cool. Oh, and be on a Ferris Wheel later that same evening! Cons? Winters can be pretty long and grey (see a Western European trend here?), and some shops are still closed on Sunday - just keep that in mind.

Here you go! These are the top 5 European cities for expats. 🙌

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