Top 5 bunq features that make life easy
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Top 5 bunq features that make life easy

We’re always building things that you love and can help you achieve your goals. We’ve asked some bunqers around the office what’s their favorite bunq feature ever. Here’s what they told us!

1) Payment Sorter 💸

Not surprisingly, a couple of them chose the Payment Sorter as their favorite feature. Why? “It’s like it saves me a trip”.

The Payment Sorter makes sure it automagically sorts your incoming payments, like your salary, the way you want. You only need to do it yourself once and then never think about it again. Of course, you can always make changes if your priorities change.

2) Travel Assistant ✈️

While we all long for care-free travelling times, we remember one of our favorite features that helped us navigate new and exciting destinations.

The Travel Assistant gives you tips and tricks that we’ve gathered from the lovely bunq community. Want to know where you can withdraw money for free with your bunq card? Check the Travel Assistant. Want to know if tipping is customary in the country you’re visiting? You’ll find your answer there too.

3) 🌈

We’ve had so many mentions of this one, it’s clear that bunqers love getting paid back easily. is your personal, lifelong link. You can share it with anyone you want and get paid back for anything. Think of a catchy name, select the sub-account where you’d like to receive your money, and start sharing!

4) Zero FX 0️⃣

Getting valuable tips while travelling is great, but saving money every step of the way is even better! Zero FX is a great way to make sure you can spend more on the things you love. Enjoy more cold beer in Dubrovnik, more delicious food in Prague or more cheese in Zurich!

It saves you 3% on all your spend abroad by not charging you extra when using your card for non-Euro currency payments. It’s that simple!

5) Auto Slice 🍰

Say goodbye to complicated ways of keeping track of who paid what when out with your friends. Auto Slice does that so you can enjoy your time worry-free.

Automatically add all your spending to a Slice Group so you can have an easy overview. When it’s time to settle it, one tap is all it takes! Your friends will receive a request to pay you back their part instantly.

Here you go! Top 5 features chosen by our bunqers that make life easy.

Is yours on the list?