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Top 5 bunq features according to our community!

April 7, 2021

1) AutoSave 💸

Many of you chose Auto-Save as your favorite bunq feature that makes life easy. With Auto-Save, you effortlessly save money without thinking about it. Latest iPhone? New car? Summer holiday? Whatever the case, we round up each payment and invest it towards your savings goal...automatically! Paid €3.20 for a sandwich? Congrats, you just saved 80 cents!

2) Secondary PIN 💳

Another favorite according to the bunq community was Dual PIN. Isn’t it lovely when you can use 1 card for different sub-accounts? Simply choose 2 PIN codes. For example, when you use one of them, you pay from your Groceries account. When you use the second PIN code, the money automatically goes from your Restaurants account. Easy!

3) In-app CVC Code 🔒

Never have to worry about security! With bunq, your CVC code is in the app instead of on your card, so you’re the only one with access to it. Want to go the extra step? Simply set up the auto update setting for your CVC code, and this will change every 5 minutes!

4) Payment Sorter 💯

Incoming payment? bunq automatically sends your salary to the right sub-accounts every month. You now can enjoy easy budgeting so you never have to think about it. Set it up once, and that’s it.

5) International Transfers 🌍

Did you know you can send money across the world 8x cheaper than any other bank, as a bunq user? Due to our integration with Wise, you can safely send money to 39 supported currencies and always get the real exchange rate. This saves you money with no hidden fees, whether it's for your business or making expat life easy.

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