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July 8, 2021


Today is a big day

Today’s a great day for all bunqers!🌈

We’ve just welcomed our first investing partner into the bunq family. Pollen Street Capital will join us in our mission to build the bank of The Free, together. We’re super excited about it and the possibilities this partnership opens.

Following a €193 million investment that led to a valuation of €1.6 billion, we’ve made the largest Series A round for a European fintech company. Next to our beautiful colorful rainbow, we now get to use a new happy emoji: 🦄!

This lets us expand further and further, bringing our mission to more bunqers around the world.

The new chapter means we’re here to stay. We expect to be sustainably profitable by the end of this year!

And it’s all thanks to you! ❤️

We wouldn’t be here without you. You took a leap of faith and became part of the bunq community. You chose to trust a new face, a new idea. You deposited more than €1 billion of your money with bunq. In return, we kept on working hard to deliver on our promise: make life easy.

So here’s to you: a massive thank you from all of us here at bunq!🥂

We love hearing your suggestions and growing together. It’s what we’ve been doing so far, and it’s what we’ll keep on doing, only bigger and better.

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