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This Valentine’s day, sharing is caring

February 10, 2022
couple cooking together

1. Sweet, sweet bunq Deals🛍️

We always love a good deal, but if you’re looking to treat yourself a little more this Valentine’s day, don't forget to check out your bunq app and what's available. You can book a romantic getaway with booking.com and get 15% off, plus an extra 4% cashback when you pay with your bunq card. But if it’s still early days and a getaway is not yet in the books, you could enjoy discounts for museum tickets instead.

Just wanna treat yourself this V-day? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Get 10% off your sustainable shopping with ProjectCECE, or order in with Gorillas, and we’ll give you 20% cashback.

2. Sharing finances💸

Whether it’s your lover, friend, or mom, bunq’s Joint account is the perfect solution for sharing finances hassle-free. If you have a lot of common payments and need a shared pot for budgeting, a Joint account will make life easy. You can see who paid for what and when, you’ll always know where your money goes with instant notifications and you each get your own card!

We don’t care who you share your account with, so we won’t ask for proof of partnership documentation. In fact, you don’t even need to live at the same address. Feel free to share your Joint account with up to 10 people! Your money, your rules.

3. Friends (or more)🎉

However you choose to spend this Valentine’s day, take a look at our freshly improved Friends tab! You can check the map in your bunq app and find reviews from your friends who visited and reviewed exciting places before, so you can find the perfect date spot.

If you prefer to spend the day (or long weekend?) with friends, use Activities to keep track of who paid what automagically. Enjoy spending time together without ever having to think about expenses. Start an activity, invite your friends to join in for free and all your card payments are automatically added to a shared pot. Split it at the end with one tap! Oh, and now you can also invite your non-bunqer friends to join an activity, for free.

Although…between us…you should also invite them to open a bunq account in 5 minutes

How are you spending this Valentine’s day? Let us know on our socials!‍

Want to learn more about sharing with bunq? Check out our full page on Sharing Expenses.

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