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April 30, 2020


The numbers are in! Here's the impact of the increased limit

Last month, when countries around the world went into lockdown, we increased the limit for contactless payments to keep you safe. Did it work?

We’re living through unique times. Some of you are getting used to the working from home routine, some are counting down the days until going back to the office, others are becoming impressively good chefs and bakers. Everyone adapts, one way or another.

For us, it was important that we also adapt to your new life and continue to make it easier - after all, it’s our favorite thing to do! We shared some tips with you here, if you’re worried about spreading germs while banking. But most importantly, we increased the limit for contactless payments to make sure you can continue using bunq safe and sound. Same experience, less payment terminals to touch!

We’re all data nerds here at bunq, so we always look at the numbers to see if what we do truly benefits you. This is no exception, of course - we were curious about what increasing the limit actually did, and the numbers are beautiful! Let’s take a look at what changed since we stepped up our safety game for you!

Since we increased the contactless limit, there have been 120,000 payments made without a PIN code!

All of these would have previously required one 😮. Let’s break that number down further! 120,000 contactless payments mean:

  • 600.000 buttons that were never pressed - or more if you get the PIN wrong the first time! 🔢
  • 50.000 hands that did not touch payment terminals! 🖐
  • 35.000 beautiful cards used safely! 🌈

So we can definitely say that yes, it worked! You avoided touching things you do not own and therefore exposed yourself to a lot less germs!

What else can I do to stay safe?

Glad you asked!

You can use Apple Pay, Google Pay or Tap & Pay. This way, you'll never have to touch a payment terminal again. Just make sure you keep your phone clean, please 😁.

These digital payment methods have already accounted for over 35% of all in-store payments during the past month. That means there are actually even more hands germs-free out there! Yay! Isn’t data beautiful? 🤓 ❤️

Curious about the current limit of contactless payments in your country? You can always check here for the latest updates!

Thank you for staying safe with the bank of The Free!

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