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Sustainable investments, made easy

February 3, 2022

bunq now offers a simple and sustainable way to invest your money. You can start investing in a range of socially and environmentally responsible companies, straight from your banking app. All with our brand new feature: Easy Investments.

How does it work?🙌

In your bunq app, you’ll now see the option to open an Easy Investments sub-account in just a  couple of minutes. The app will give you recommendations about what investing strategy fits you best - for this, we’ll ask a couple of questions in advance. Of course, the choice is still yours. Here are the 3 strategies:

  • Less Risk - lower risk, lower expected return
  • Some Risk - stability in risk and return
  • Vegas baby! - more risk, higher expected return

Can I automate my investments?🚀

In true bunq style…of course! Until now, Auto Save would automatically round up payments and direct them towards your Savings Goal. Now, you can choose to send all your rounded up payments directly to your Easy Investment sub-account. No effort needed from your side - just let your money grow the way you want. 

Alternatively, you can also choose a fixed amount you’d like to invest monthly.

Investing sustainably💚

When launching Easy Investments, where your money goes was really important to us. We wanted to make sure that you can invest in environmentally friendly companies or in companies working to achieve sustainable development goals. That’s why we’ve partnered with Birdee, who has very similar values to us. They have a strong focus on sustainability and want to make meaningful investments accessible to everyone. 

Excited about Easy Investments?🌈

Read more about it here, and start growing your money right away with a couple of taps in the app. 

Remember, investing always comes with risk. There's no guarantee for returns and the value of your investments fluctuate with the market. 

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