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Support what matters to you - bunq introduces Common Goals

May 29, 2020
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Introducing - Common Goals 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

Here’s how it all works: you simply set up a Common Goal and save together to support your charity!

Whether it's supporting a local business or helping to rid the ocean of plastic, bunq makes it super easy to support the charity of your choosing, so you can give back to the causes you care about. All it takes is a tap in the app!

You can create a Common Goal whenever you want, for anything you want. Once you set it up you can instantly share it with anyone: friends, family, colleagues, loved ones, everyone can donate!

Everything counts - for example, € 0.50 feeds one child in need for a day!

How does it work ❓

You can soon find Common Goals in the bunq app, under the “Community” tab.

  • Tap on **Total Donated**
  • Tap on the blue **‘+’** at the bottom of your screen
  • Select **Create a Goal**
  • Give it a **description** and a **title**
  • Reopen Account and refresh the Accounts tab
  • Enter the **IBAN** of the charity you want to support
  • **Share your goal** with your friends and family to collect more!

With the bunq app you're always up to date on how much you've raised for your goal. You can even see the total donations given by the entire bunq community, or who managed to donate the most. Don’t forget to also update your donors with the latest numbers!

Tonight at bunq Update 14, we just took our biggest step in creating the best banking experience yet: bunq V3 Public Beta. 200 users get to be part of this amazing experience. Head here and be the first to experience everything V3 will have to offer, including Common Goals!

Missed your chance? Don’t worry, V3 will shortly be available to all our users!

Wondering what else is new?

Check out all the cool stuff from bunq Update 14 here! 🌈

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