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Stay healthy with higher limits for contactless payments

March 20, 2020
With the recent developments of COVID-19, we’re stepping up our game to make sur

We already shared some tips with you here on how to avoid spreading germs while banking. Since then, we have also taken some extra steps on our side to protect you and make sure you can continue to bunq freely 🌈! Here’s one:

No need to touch payment terminals anymore - your contactless payment limit is now even higher! ⬆️

You might have noticed that card machines will sometimes ask you for your PIN code, even if you’re choosing to pay contactless. What’s up with that? To put it simply, your ability to make contactless payments is limited to a certain amount. When you hit this limit, you’re required to verify your identity with your PIN. As per European standards, the limit for contactless payments previously stood at € 50.

As a digital bank, we’re always trying to offer you plenty of options to avoid cash, physical contact with payment terminals or any other items that you don’t own. After all, no one ever wants to touch something thousands of people touched before...but nowadays, we should of course take this to the next level.

Therefore, your contactless cumulative payment limit is now increased to € 100.

By doubling the limit, the occasions when you need to touch a PIN terminal are reduced by 50%, so you can deal with your smaller expenses hassle-free 👍. This limit is based on the amount you’ve spent since you last used your PIN. That means you can now spend €100 PIN-free. After that, you will still need to enter your code for the limit to reset.

Paying contactless with your physical card is not the only option out there to bank safely, though. Here are some handy features and tools that actually let you make payments without ever having to enter a PIN code. Safety level - 110%:

Apple Pay or Google Pay 📱

Looking to spend more than € 100 and dreading having to input your PIN code? I’d probably feel the same way, but fortunately you can also use Apple Pay and Google Pay! This way, you will never have to touch a payment terminal. What a beautiful thought that is! Depending on the spend and your personal settings, you may be asked for a face or touch ID. However, all verifications go through your personal screen thus increasing your safety. Speaking of which, don’t forget to disinfect yours from time to time...germs love phones, tablets or whatever your favorite gadget may be.

Remember online cards? 💳

Want to take safety a step further? Probably a good time to do so! Nowadays we can make most of our purchases online (which also keeps us home, so extra points for that 🙌)! With online cards, you don’t actually even have to touch your physical card. You can easily keep the whole process 100% in the bunq app. In case you need more information about how to create and use online cards, you can find it here.

Contactless keeps you safe!

To help you limit contact with shared surfaces and lower your chances of getting sick, we increased the cumulative contactless payment limit to €100. If you’d rather not touch a payment terminal at any point, there are plenty of tools and options that you can use instead: Apple Pay or Google Pay, Tap & Pay and online cards are all great ways to stay safe and bank freely throughout this outbreak 🌈!

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