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November 19, 2021

Products and Services

So what’s a Virtual Card and how does it work?

Did you know that your bunq app doesn’t just offer a multitude of physical cards, but also Virtual ones, for an extra touch of security?

If you have an Easy Money or Easy Green plan, you get 5 Virtual Cards included. You can find these in your favorite banking app! Just head to the Home tab and check out the Cards section.

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Wondering why you’d need a Virtual Card? Except for the physical aspect, it acts exactly like a regular credit card. Moreover, as digital banking makes life easy, digital cards make payments safer. We’ve all purchased something from a website that looks great, but we’re not exactly sure how secure it is, right? To avoid wondering if your card details and money are safe, just create a Virtual Card and use it for your online payment! As soon as you receive your confirmation email, you can delete the card immediately. Cool, right?

Of course, you don’t always need to destroy Virtual Cards right away, unless you think your details may be compromised. You could also just use them as normal cards, and even link them to Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Need more than 5 Virtual Cards? No worries, you can purchase an additional block of 5 cards for €9,99 per month. Keep in mind that you can create a maximum of 20 cards per 12 months. Active, frozen and deleted cards all count towards this limit.

Excited to create a Virtual Card and make online shopping safer? Well, what are you waiting for? Open your bunq banking app and get started 🙌

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