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November 13, 2020


Share your story and get featured on the bunq blog!

We'd love to hear your stories, and here's some tips on how to get yours published on the bunq blog.

We want to offer that content to our lovely bunq community, and we need your help! ❤️

We’re looking for great stories that inspire, entertain, and amuse. Are you the one to write them? Then we’d love to get in touch!


  • Head to the Community Tab
  • Tap on the Action Menu ⚡
  • Select “Share a story”
  • Send us an email!

What can you send us? 🙌

An article that we can publish on our blog and share it with all bunqers through the Community tab! Below are some ideas, but really, the sky's the limit! Get creative and surprise us anytime.

  • Tell us about a dream you’ve achieved after reaching your Savings Goal, like finally buying that cute brand new bike
  • Let us know about that time you started your own business and saved some precious time by signing up for a bunq account, letting you focus on what really matters
  • Share a story about unforgettable memories you’ve made on your last holiday and how the Travel Assistant helped with valuable tips

Ready to share? 🌈

Now that we went over the process and got a bit of inspiration going, send us some awesome stories! This can be a great way to connect with the bunq community and who knows? Maybe your network can grow this way too!

Not a bunqer yet?

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