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Save more time in 2022 with bunq

January 5, 2022

bunq can help with that by automating all things money admin, so you don’t need to think about it. Here are a couple of things you can easily automate with your favorite banking app.

Payment Sorter 💸

There’s no need for manually calculating and sorting your income into different Bank Accounts. With Payment Sorter, you simply set it up once, and we’ll redo the same split every time this income hits your account. Let’s say you get €1,000, and you’d like €300 for groceries, €200 for fun and €500 for rent. Set this up in your bunq app once, and never think about it again - we’ll take care of the rest. Budgeting in a couple of seconds!

AutoSave 🔒

Everyone likes savings, but not everyone has time for a savings plan. We get that. That’s why we automate it for you! Open a savings Bank Account and make sure to activate the AutoSave option. From now on, all your payments will be rounded up to the next EUR and you’ll save effortlessly. If you get a coffee for €3,20, you’re saving €0,80 without even thinking about it. Save time while you grow your savings: win-win.

Inner Circle ⭕

You know how your friends send you payment requests that you always accept, because, well..they’re your besties and you trust them? If you add them to your Inner Circle, you can just automate the whole thing. In short, that means all their requests will be automatically accepted. Of course, you can set a limit for the amounts you allow, and you can change this anytime.

Quick reminder that you can also automate payment requests from your side. For example, you could send a reminder every month on the 5th to your roommate to send you their share of the rent. You can also automatically accept recurring debits, like your insurance or Netflix subscription. 

Group Expenses🎉

No one wants to think about splitting expenses during a fun weekend away - or after it, for that matter. With Group Expenses, you don’t have to. Simply start one right before your adventure, and automatically add all your card payments to it. You can of course add your friends to the Group Expense too! When you’re back, you can split it all with one tap. Hassle free and time saving!

Automate your business 💼

Want to start a business in 2022, or just want to automate banking for an existing one? We’ve got you! bunq Business comes with a lot of time saving gems. 

You can, for example, use the Invoice Scanning feature to simply scan them using the bunq app, and we'll take care of the rest. 

Auto Export will send bank statements to your bookkeeper, so you don’t have to worry about it. 

Or do you maybe struggle with setting your VAT aside for tax season? bunq can automate that too, just turn on the Auto-VAT feature

Check out other benefits that can help you save time for your business here

Ready for a 2022 filled with moments that truly matter to you? 🙌

Start your bunq free trial today and start saving time right away - it only takes 5 minutes to sign up. 

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