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Save more money in 2022 with bunq

December 17, 2021

Here are a couple of easy ways to save:

Automatically saving for your goals🙌

It’s easier to put money aside when you have a clear goal. After all, manifesting is powerful. You can simply create a Savings Goal in the bunq app for anything you want - from the next dream holiday, to your first house or an amazing outfit. Don’t forget to personalize your Savings Goal with an image that reminds you of it!

If you still don’t feel motivated enough to grow your savings…just automate it! When you activate Auto Save, every purchase rounds up to the next  . Paid €3.20 for a coffee? Congrats, you just saved 80 cents! This gets added to your Savings Goal, so you don’t need to think about it.

Are you more of a team player? You can also create a shared Savings Goal, for those dreams for 2 - so you can both save effortlessly.

Budgeting with insights💸

How do you save more money? Budget, budgeting, and more budgets. No worries, it sounds a lot more complicated that it is (at least with bunq). You can set up budgets in the app with just a couple of taps, so you always stay on track. 

Moreover, you get insights on your spending habits to truly understand where your money’s going - which is essential, when trying to maybe cut back.

25 sub-accounts for all your needs🛍️

Trying to figure out where money goes - and how much of it - is pretty hard when taking it all from one pot. That’s why bunq gives you 25. When you receive your income, set up your Payment Sorter to automatically direct certain amounts or percentages throughout your sub-accounts. You could have €400 in your groceries account, €300 for drinks with friends, €800 for rent, €500 for savings…you get the point. By always knowing what amount is allocated to what activity, your savings will grow in no time.

Always check your subscriptions📺

With the bunq app, you have a simple overview of all your subscriptions. This makes it easy to see when you still have a subscription that you no longer use, or when you pay for similar services when you really just need one. Don’t forget, there’s always a better offer on most subscriptions…so keep an eye out and save money by simply opting for a new mobile plan or a different streaming service.

Get discounts bunq Deals💯

Who doesn’t love a good discount? We’ve put them all together for you in bunq Deals, so you don’t even have to leave the app in order to save money on fun stuff. From accommodation for your weekend getaway, to shopping sustainably or getting insurance for your business…we’re sure we have a deal that will help you save more money in 2022.

Ready to watch those savings grow? Start your free bunq trial and get started

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