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October 28, 2020


Save money easily with these 3 new features

Read about some awesome bunq features that help you save money!

Check out our top 3 features that help you save money, straight from the bunq app!

1. bunq Deals 💸

Time to get amazing discounts with bunq Deals! Save money wherever you go, whatever you do. Whether it's finding the perfect hotel room, or using bunq to automate your bookkeeping, it’s super easy for you to save every step of the way.

We’ve partnered with some of your favorite brands to help you get the most out of your buck. You can find all these on your Home tab as soon as you open the bunq app; simply tap the Deals dial. From fun holidays to business matters, there’ll be something for you in there to save money.

You can learn all about bunq Deals here.

A brand new simple overview

To make life easy, we figured it'd be great if you could open the app and instantly know the status of your finances, budgets and subscriptions. No need to navigate the app or do anything complicated. You instantly get a complete overview of your finances and your progress on the brand new Home tab, which holds everything that’s yours.

2. Budgets 💰

The new Budgets dial you’ll see on top of your Home tab lets you know how much you’ve spent versus how much you’ve planned on spending on the things that matter to you. This way you can easily save more by improving your budgeting skills and knowing exactly where your money goes.

3. Subscriptions📱

The Subscriptions dial shows you exactly how much money goes into this category. No worries, you don’t need to add all the subscriptions yourself - we’re doing it automatically! Simply keep an eye on this to be more in control of your money and maybe look for better deals that fit your needs!

There you go! Here are 3 cool new ways to save money effortlessly, so you can spend more on the things that truly matter for you.

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