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Predicting your future balance just got better than ever!

Whether you’re online shopping, booking future experiences or investing in something you love, there’s always one question: can you afford it? bunq is here to answer that!

A year ago, we let you check your future balance at a glance. You could easily see if you can afford to buy those new running shoes next Tuesday, right in your bunq app. Magic - and data - made it easy for us to give you these valuable tips and help you plan better.

Since then, we’ve seen plenty of you making responsible and informed spending decisions and we were so happy! It made us think if there’s a way for bunq to support you even more, give you better insights and make your life even easier.

The answer is...yes, there is, and we just made it happen! 🙌

Need to buy something and not sure if you can afford it? No problem: the bunq app can now predict your future balance better than ever, so you know exactly how much you can spend.

We greatly improved Future Balance for you, making it much more accurate than before! ⬆️

That means the new prediction graph in your bunq app is now highly accurate and capable of predicting your future balance quicker than ever before. Say goodbye to manual calculations, percentages, adding, subtracting...and all that complicated stuff. Simply spend your money as usual, and bunq will predict your future balance! Zero effort, valuable insights. Sweet, isn’t it?

Here’s how it works!

  • First, choose the sub-account for which you’d like to see predictions
  • Then, slide the balance graph to the right, all the way to the desired date
  • Based on your spending trends, you’ll be able to see the predicted balance for that specific date

Can’t wait to check out the new prediction feature? We can’t blame you!

Simply download the latest version of the app today and see for yourself!