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Practical travel advice for your trip to Spain

October 7, 2022

And that’s traveling to new places you’ve never been to (or revisiting old favorites). 

A trip to Spain is on many travel bucket lists for a very good reason. There’s so much to see and do in Spain, that you could go back there every year and still not experience it all. 

Keep reading our visiting Spain guide so you can learn more about what to see, what to do, and how to make the most out of your next trip to Spain. 

Cities to visit

When you think about visiting Spain, the first few cities you will probably consider are Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, and Granada. They are some of the ones with beautiful architecture, lots of cultural hangout spots, and delicious restaurants all over. 

Remember that Spain has a siesta culture even now, so most restaurants and shops will be closed during the afternoon, unless you are in a tourist zone. And dinner, even though a long affair, only starts at 8 pm. So make sure you stock up on snacks, or something else, to tide you over until then. 

Barcelona has some of the best late-night partying in Spain with great music and celebrated DJs. It also has lots of historic streets to keep you busy walking all day. Do not miss La Sagrada Familia, the iconic church designed by Gaudi. 

Madrid is the capital of Spain and doesn’t really get going until midnight, so be prepared for that. Also, they have amazing museums, so if you’re into that, you’re going to be a happy duck.

Valencia used to be the capital of Spain and a Roman colony, so there are a lot of historical sights to partake in here. A bit off the beaten path, since most folks do not think of Valencia when visiting Spain, but worth it. 

Granada is a unique city in that the cultures from North Africa and Europe collide here in an enticing fashion. Make sure to visit Alhambra, a UNESCO heritage palace and fortress dating back to the 13th century. 

Of course, you should not just stick to these few cities, but explore on your own by renting a car or a motorbike, as many do. 

Average travel cost in Spain

The great thing about visiting Spain is that it will not break your wallet, but you can splurge if you have the money for it.

It’s suitable for budget travelers who are backpacking and for those who want to treat themselves to a decadent luxurious trip. The average daily budget for a backpacker would be around 50 euros and for a luxury traveler around 250 euros.

Your hostel room can cost from 15 euros during the low season to 30 euros in Barcelona and Madrid. But the price of a beer is only about 3-4 euros so you don’t have to worry about that.

There are many ways you can cut down on your travel costs. Eat out only once a day and for breakfast and lunch, maybe buy groceries and cook your meal. 

Also, you could use our transport tips below, to reduce your travel costs across Spain and within the cities. 

Eating in Spain

Food in Spain is one of the main reasons why many travelers flock there. There are so many great options. You’ll want to keep a major part of your budget for meals out at delicious tapas restaurants.

Tip: In Granada, free tapas are given out in bars when you order drinks. Some places in Madrid do this too!

Also, you could consider doing Couchsurfing, where you stay with a friendly local. You might end up eating delicious home-cooked meals with them, and they might also take you to their favourite local food spots, which is always a bonus. 

Groceries in Spain will cost you around 35 to 55 euros a week and the price of a meal on average would be 20 to 50 euros, depending on where you go. Depending on your budget, you can choose between cooking your meals some of the time and going out to restaurants at other times. 

Transport cost

There are many feasible ways to save on transport costs in Spain. Take as many buses as possible because the trains can be quite expensive. If you have the time, roaming around a bus is a very romantic and idyllic way of exploring a city. 

Also, consider using the app BlaBlaCar. It allows you to share rides with locals who have space in their car for medium or long-distance travel. This way you can meet a local, have some interesting conversations, and explore the country on the cheap. 

You could also consider getting a city pass, which will allow you access to museums and other sightseeing attractions. If they have a sightseeing tour bus, then you can roam around the city for free using your city pass. 

Flight cost

Depending on where you’re traveling from, flights to Spain can be quite cheap. There are many budget European airlines that will allow you to travel to Spain for cheap, especially if you’re not carrying a lot of luggage with you. 

Consider checking out Skyscanner or CheapTickets. Also, buy your ticket on a Wednesday as that’s supposed to be when the flights are cheapest. 

Get ready for your trip to Spain

Even though the cost of living in Spain is quite high, at least as a tourist, you don’t have to worry about that too much. You can focus entirely on all the benefits of traveling to Spain, like delicious food, awesome attractions, and beautiful architecture. 

If you’re wondering how you are going to take out cash on your trip to Spain and how to deal with card payments, join bunq today and save up to 3% on your travels abroad.

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