Bunq referal plant 20 trees together
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Plant 20 trees together effortlessly!

What’s better than enjoying the great things in life? Sharing them with others, of course.

You can now effortlessly share bunq in just 1 tap with a friend, loved one, or the guy you just met at the party. All it takes is a simple referral link and bam! You now both enjoy features that make life easy.

We know that saving time and money is already important, but we’re taking sharing is caring to another level: every time a friend accepts your invite, each of you gets 10 trees!

Some quick maths tells us that's enough to offset 10 long-distance flights! No more guilt for that holiday you’ve been planning for months (hopefully happening soon 🙏 ). It’s that easy to start offsetting your carbon footprint. Before you know it, you’ll be CO2 free without any effort.

To start making a difference today, follow these quick steps, or simply tap on the last one!

  • Open the bunq app
  • Head to the “Community” tab
  • Tap the colorful MENU button
  • Select “Invite a friend" and create your beautiful personal link

There you go! Share this link wherever you like: email, WhatsApp, social media...anything works.

Alright, invite sent. You’ve now just shared the love and made the world a greener place in a couple of seconds. Who says good things take time anyway? If you want to multiply your green impact, simply invite more friends. The more you share, the more you get.

Now just sit back, relax and watch your beautiful forest grow in the bunq app.

Ready to share and plant 20 trees together effortlessly?