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Planning a trip? Use real reviews from your friends

February 9, 2022

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a month-long adventure during the summer months, it’s never too early to start organizing!

We’re sure you’ll have an amazing time no matter what, but we’d love to help where we can. Here are some gems you can find in your bunq app that we think you’d like.

1. Visit the hottest spots with real-time reviews from your friends📍

Browsing around a new destination and exploring everything around can be super fun. However, sometimes you just wanna go to a spot that your trusted people already know and love - you know, for peace of mind. With the improved Friends tab, you can get all this info directly from your friends, right in your bunq app.

Share experiences and discover more, together. Wanna check out a tapas bar in Barcelona? If your friends have been there before, you’ll be able to see their reviews in the app right away. Of course, you can also review your experience and help others enjoy the best places in town. 

2. Travel like a local ✈️

Looking for more general information, like what currency do you need or if you should tip the staff? We’ve got that covered too. Wherever you travel, check out some general facts and good-to-knows in your bunq app. You can find these in the Friends tab - just click on “Countries visited”, and choose your next destination from the list that will pop up. These tips are from the bunq community, or directly from your friends! Feel free to contribute, so everyone has a great trip wherever they go. 

3. Never wonder “where was that again?”🙌

We’ve all been there. The place where you’ve had the best pizza of your life. The place that has the coldest beer. The place where you bought just the cutest souvenir that your mom loved. Okay but…where was that again?

When in doubt, check out the map from the Friends tab in your bunq app. You’ll get a great, full-screen overview of your payments, so you can always revisit the places you loved most and relive great memories or make new ones.

Which one's your favorite?🌈

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