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Our shift towards making a difference every day

March 1, 2022

Why “make a difference”?🙌

At the end of the day, that’s exactly what we do. We make a difference for our users every step of the way.

While we looked at getting shit done as always providing clear, measurable results that help our growth - the meaning could’ve been up to anyone’s interpretation. And we noticed that sometimes, our message wasn’t coming across as we intended. By no means do we want future bunqers to believe bunq is a place to do stuff, and wait for the day to end. What we need is people who understand our direction and deliver outcomes that make a difference.

Also, ‘get shit done’ stems from the time when we had just so much shit to do. There wasn't any line to better sum up what would make for a successful bunqer. Looking back, it's still unbelievable what we achieved as a team. 

Now that bunq is scaling rapidly, the focus is on everyone’s contribution to growth. From seasoned bunqers to those who just joined the team, we strongly trust you with ownership. Up for it? We’ll give you the space and tools to do your best work ever and make a difference.

What’s changed?🙋

Our views and beliefs remain the same: bunq is a place where you solve interesting problems, with clear solutions, while always putting our users first. How you do it or what you do is for you to decide - as long as your results are great. 

We’ve changed the way we present this to you, a potential future bunqer, to make sure expectations are aligned better. We want you to make a difference here, not just get shit done. 

When you apply for a job at bunq, you’ll see that the journey is different from what you might’ve experienced at other companies. We care about what and how you can contribute. Your CV, years of experience or what contacts you may have in the industry are less important to us.


Once you’re a bunqer, we’d love for you to keep this in mind: “I’m here to make a difference for our users everyday”. It’s a belief that we all hold dearly, and it assures us that the boat is going in the right - and same - direction. From developers, to designers or marketeers, we all serve the same purpose.

Ready to make a difference?🌈

We’re the first to admit, we’re not your average working place. Which means we’re not everybody’s cup of tea. That’s okay. If you’re truly looking for a challenge or a place that really lets you (and asks you) to grow with every step you take…test your bunq fit today. This may just be the next great step of your career.

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