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Open the best business account in less than 5 minutes!

January 11, 2021

The current environment may have changed the way other banks operate, but we’re happy to say nothing has changed around here: it’s business as usual so you can save time, every time. Open a business account with bunq in less than 5 minutes, and enjoy all the benefits that make life easy.

Check them out below!

1) End manual bookkeeping 🙌

Never have to worry about doing your bookkeeping manually. Set up a direct connection between bunq and your bookkeeping software once and you’re good to go. Of course, you’ll always have a real time overview of your bookkeeping, so you stay in full control.

2) Enjoy a great overview of your finances 💸

Open as many sub-accounts as you want to keep things organized and always know where your money is going. Each comes with its own IBAN, so you can use them for direct debits, online payments and your cards.

3) Pay invoices with zero effort ✅

All you have to do is scan an invoice and the bunq app will fill in all payment details automagically. Got a PDF invoice in your email instead? You can copy it to the bunq app directly from your phone. Doesn’t get quicker and more efficient than this!

4) Always have instant employee access 🚀

Enjoy the convenience of adding or removing a director without any paperwork or waiting, simply by using the app. Want to grant an employee access to certain sub-accounts, without giving full account access? Add them and remove them when the time comes, all through the app.

5) The most efficient payments 🤑

Need to do a batch of payments? Enter them quickly through bunq Web, thanks to keyboard shortcuts. If you’ve received a SEPA XML batch, approve it on the go from the app. Instant payments are also supported, of course!

6) A sustainable business account, by default 🌳

bunq only invest ethically, so you’ll never be an accessory to destroying the planet. We’re also the only bank in the world to give you Freedom of Choice. Decide where your money is invested or if you want to receive interest at all. Stay in control and rule your money, your way.

7) Grow your wealth without effort ⬆️

With bunq it’s super easy to manage all your day-to-day finances, while also effortlessly growing your (business) savings. Simply open a Savings Account in the app and you earn 1.05% interest over all your savings. That’s an interest rate much higher than what you would get at traditional banks.

There you go! These are just some of the amazing benefits you can enjoy when you open a business account with bunq. It takes less than 5 minutes 🌈

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