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Open a bank account in just 5 minutes with bunq

December 1, 2021

bunq (that’s us) is a European digital bank. That means that you only need your phone to manage money safely. No need for endless paperwork or branch visits. You’ll save time pretty much everyday with bunq, but it starts with opening a bank account. That’s right: it really takes just 5 minutes. Just like taking a shower, or putting on those boots with loads of shoelaces. 

Below are some simple steps to follow for easily opening a bank account with bunq.

First things first - who can open a bunq account?

We’re active in many countries of the European Economic Area (EEA). All citizens of the EEA that live in countries we operate in can sign up for bunq. Are you an expat? If you’re not a European citizen but you live in one of the countries we've active in, that also works! Just check out what documents we support here

Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, Ukrainian citizens that have recently become refugees because of the conflict are now eligible to open a bunq account.

What if I need a business account?

We offer both personal and business accounts, so all your financial matters are in one banking app. Whether you’re a freelancer, just starting your business or already own a company, you’re very welcome to bank with bunq and start saving time to focus on what truly matters: your business. 

Ok, I can open a bunq account - now what?

Great! You can sign up by simply clicking this link. Once you have the app:

  • Choose a plan and start your free 30 day trial
  • Fill in your personal details
  • Enter the code sent to your phone
  • Tell us what account you need (personal, joint, business?)
  • Choose a document to verify your identity
  • Make sure you’re in a well lit and quiet room
  • Photograph both sides of your document
  • Record a short video - instructions will be on your screen (just making sure you’re you!)
  • Done! We’ll get back to you shortly

Once we’ve checked all the details, you’ll be able to fully enjoy the bunq plan you chose. When your trial ends, you can continue with the plan you’ve just tried (by default), or choose another one. You’re in control! 

And that’s it! You just opened a bank account in just 5 minutes.

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