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One year of planting trees: the impact our users made in Kenya

July 12, 2022

The goal for this project was to plant 1 million trees in one year. And as usual, our amazing community impressed us and made it happen. By the 1st of January 2022, the site located in Kwasasi & Magumba had 1,036,999 mangroves planted, across 760 acres.


However, the number of trees planted isn’t the only difference that Easy Green users have made. Eden Reforestation Projects have employed an average of 15 people per month, which worked about 21 days per month. Those who helped planting these trees got a fair, consistent wage while working in a safe environment. Many haven’t had this chance before. 

As you can tell, saving CO2 isn't the only thing that Easy Green users can do by simply spending their money. The socio-economic impact is great too.

Just have a quick look at these facts👇

  • 26% of the total workforce is female
  • This project has created 3,015 employment days
  • The operation also provided storm-surge protection for the local residents
  • It offered increased opportunities to save and invest in the community

Since the beginning of  2022...🙌

We’ve continued our efforts through Eden Reforestation Projects in Kenya. Besides planting more mangroves, they’re also protecting and replanting the site to ensure that as many trees as possible survive and bring the native forests back to the majestic coastline. 

Many of the 1,036,999 planted trees will eventually produce seeds of their own and help the forest back to its natural equilibrium. Likewise, trees that reach maturity can compensate for trees that died before generating seeds.

We couldn’t be prouder of everything we’ve accomplished together. At this point (July 2022), bunq users helped plant more than 7 million trees! We’re super excited about what’s to come.

Wanna be part of the green fight, with zero effort?🍃

Check out how Easy Green can help.

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