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November 13, 2020


Once a bunqer, always a bunqer: Emy’s veteran story

You know, most companies collect employee testimonials but how many share the words of a veteran? Well, bunq does; so this is my story.

It’s been a week since I left bunq, embarked on a new journey and took on a different challenge. While my time as a bunqer has come to an end, I will always be a bunqer at heart. 🌈

After my last day at bunq, I took some time to write down everything I have experienced while I was part of the HR team. What a ride! I got to work with such a great product, I’ve learnt so many things, I’ve made millions of memories and met amazing people. Allow me to elaborate...

Before joining bunq, I was using a traditional bank like most of my friends. Then, being part of the company, I thought of giving it a shot and downloaded the app for my trial month. That was it; everything after that was just too basic, just not good enough. I soon got my partner to sign up and most of my friends now use bunq too. I never thought I would describe my banking experience as seamless but it really is. I have seen how bunqers want to innovate and really bring quality features for their users, so being part of the creation process and then actually enjoying the product elevated my experience.

Switching to a challenger bank wasn’t the only ‘first’ for me at bunq 🙌

While I had experience as a recruiter, the position I had was my first HR gig. After 13 months, it feels like I have gained knowledge I could pick up after 2 or 3 years anywhere else. I feel much more confident and I can now add value to any team I will be part of. Having colleagues who always push you to improve and an environment that truly gives you ownership to take on projects and see them from A to Z can really challenge you in ways that you can’t imagine. I always said that my learning curve was almost vertical; yes, it was daunting and intimidating at first but hey, I made it! bunq took a chance on me, saw me for my potential and it enabled me to thrive.

There were times I doubted myself, times I felt it was all too much 🙅

I disagreed, I got frustrated, I got angry and I got close to giving up more than a handful of times. But being resilient and learning how to persevere is part of the game and definitely a life skill worth having!

Persevering and challenging yourself is truly a lot of fun at bunq. During my interviews with candidates, I kept mentioning that bunq is a special place and I attribute most of that to the amazing people I was lucky to meet and work with. Everyone is so passionate and motivated to deliver quality work, it truly inspired me. Even when things were tough and I was questioning everything, I always had people around to support me and offer advice. I will be forever grateful to have been surrounded by such an energetic, interesting, vibrant, funny, and inspiring bunch of people. Even during these times of self-isolation and social distancing, I felt there was always someone there and a friendly face to see the few times we could be at the office.

All in all, my journey is one for the books and a genuinely memorable experience. ❤️

bunq had a lot to do with who I am as a professional today and it influenced me personally, too. Every story has its bright and dark moments, for sure, but what remains, in the end, are feelings of nostalgia, gratitude, and an eagerness to build on what I have learned and continue getting shit done, no matter where I work or who I am.

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