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Missed bunq Update 14? Here’s all you need to know!

June 2, 2020
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An exclusive Public Beta launch! 🙌

At bunq Update 14 we introduced bunq V3, a complete upgrade to the app that makes life easy. Right after the update, you signed up for the exclusive bunq V3 Public Beta, so you could be among the first ones to check out the new app. 200 lucky users claimed these spots in only 63 seconds! That’s incredible, we loved your enthusiasm. Very much looking forward to your feedback!


First live-streamed bunq Weekly! 📹

bunq Updates usually bring together users, enthusiasts, the curious and the bunqers all together in DeLaMar Theater in Amsterdam. It’s a great time to get together, chat, network, and of course, find out about the latest improvements over a drink. Of course, things are a bit different this year, so we adapted to the social distancing society and live-streamed bunq Update 14. This also means that you got to “join” us in the bunq office for the first time for the bunq Weekly - hope you enjoyed the ride!

Life made easy(er) 👌

From the very beginning, bunq has all been about making your life easy. Years ago, we started by letting you get a bank account in a couple of minutes, instead of days, from the comfort of your home. We’re now more dedicated than ever to making things easier. That’s why the new app will be beautifully split into 4 tabs, so you can find everything you need under Me, Us, Profile and Camera.


The Us tab 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

bunq has always been more than a bank - it’s a lifestyle. Our community is one of the main things that make us who we are and makes us different! In the new Us tab, you will see what the bunq community is achieving as a whole: total time saved, total money saved, total CO2 saved. Together, we’re doing some great things.

Let’s have a quick look at the other tabs:

  • Find everything that’s yours under “me” - like money, time or CO2 saved
  • See your “profile” for everything that relates to you - like getting help when you need it
  • Tap “camera” to scan invoices or receipts

For a complete overview and more information, head here.


Multiply your green impact with bunq Tribes! 🌳🌳🌳

Planting trees will get a whole lot more fun with Tribes! Invite your friends, form a Tribe, and let the games begin! You can see how your tribe is doing compared to others straight in the bunq app! Want to increase your ranking? Invite more friends and level up!


Support what matters to you with Common Goals 🌍

You will soon be able to set up a Common Goal in the bunq app and start saving together to support your cause. Your goal can be anything important to you: from building a nice neighborhood park for the kids, to help to rid the ocean of plastic. Big or small, everything is welcome in Common Goals! Here’s a bit more about this.


Excited about V3? 🌈

If you didn’t get a spot in our Public Beta launch, don’t worry! Very soon, bunq V3 will be available for all of our users.

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