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January 24, 2020


Meet the easiest-to-use banking API in the world!

We are celebrating bunq Update 13 with the most amazing improvement ever.

You no longer need to puzzle over the complicated set up that banking APIs require. You just use it, your way, fast.

Ask our API to do anything you want in minutes

You have been sharing your experience and ideas with us, especially at the last bunq Hackathon. Your feedback inspired us to make our API simpler, while just as secure. Meet the updated bunq API!

Set up API calls easier than ever

  • No redundant headers: you don’t need to deal with the annoying X-Bunq-Geolocation (only if you want to link payments to a location in the map📍). X-Bunq-Language, X-Bunq-Region and X-Bunq-Request-Id aren’t required too!
  • No signing enigmas: only sign request body and only when it is mandatory. We ensure your data is secure with TLS and certificate pinning.

Enjoy the ability to build any app you can imagine

  • Ultimate OAuth power: build apps that create monetary accounts, request money, and order debit and credit cards.
  • Easier working with cards: zero obstacles on your way to ordering and updating bunq cards.

Find a detailed technical overview of what’s new in our API Changelog.

Using the bunq API is now as simple as ever

You can export your transactions with a super short command:

curl -s \

-H "X-Bunq-Client-Authentication: "

Easily integrate web payments into a web app. The payers can now pay with credit cards too!

curl -X POST -s \

-H "X-Bunq-Cient-Authentication: " \

-d '{





"allow_bunqme": true,




"name":"John Doe"


"description":"My payment request sent through the bunq API"


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