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Local IBAN explained

July 15, 2023

Hello, digital nomads and expats! Ever wondered about the importance of having a local International Bank Account Number (IBAN)? Let's dive into what it is and why you, as a global citizen, need one.

What is an IBAN?

An IBAN is a unique identifier that helps to process international payments swiftly and accurately. It's like your bank account's international passport, allowing you to send and receive money globally.

Why is a Local IBAN Important for Digital Nomads and Expats?

When you're living abroad or constantly on the move, managing your finances can be tricky. That's where a local IBAN comes in handy.

With a local IBAN, you can easily set up recurring payments, like rent or utilities, without any hassles. Plus, employers prefer to pay into a local bank account, making things smoother if you're working while travelling.

Enter bunq: Your Solution for a Local IBAN

Here at bunq, we understand the needs of digital nomads and expats. That's why we offer NL, DE, ES, FR, and IE IBANs, giving you the freedom to manage your money, right across Europe.

Our local IBAN feature enables you to have a bank account number that works just like a local one. So, whether you're renting an apartment in Berlin, setting up utility bills in Barcelona, or getting paid for freelance work in France, bunq has got you covered!


In conclusion, a local IBAN is a game-changer for digital nomads and expats. It simplifies international banking and makes managing your finances a breeze. With bunq, you get this and more, all at your fingertips. So why wait? Join the bunq family today and experience hassle-free banking like never before.

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