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Let's talk about self-esteem in the workplace

October 3, 2019

Last Tuesday, I attended a lecture about chemical imbalance and its potential links to depression. The conclusion was that there is no solid evidence (yet) for a biological cause of depression, instead we have to look outward for clues.

Working 40 hours a week, my environment is at the bunqr for the majority of that time. You wouldn’t immediately think of self-esteem when you think of your workplace. However, inspired by the topic, I realized there are clear links between the way we feel about ourselves in our working lives and our overall well-being.

I have identified three key-points on how my work environment actually aided me in my self-esteem rather than to tear it down.

Your work can profoundly impact your self-esteem

Individuals with high self-esteem know their thoughts and ideas have value, and will be more likely to make themselves heard. Individuals with high self-esteem also seek challenges and new experiences.

Taking on challenges and learning new skills, in turn, makes you more confident. It is a virtuous cycle. Having a work environment that values increasing self-esteem can be a powerful tool to increase performance.

Your performance will reflect satisfaction with your work. It’s key that you feel comfortable to speak up about things you consider important. At bunq there is constant encouragement to make changes and improvements to make life easier. Be ready to start working on it immediately!

Ambition and integrity are good indicators of self-esteem

To take pride in your work and to feel good about putting your energy into projects makes it important that it aligns with your strong values. Integrity is also vital to having a positive outlook on oneself. Self-esteem is nurtured when our morals are in accordance with our actions. Deep within, you know what is wrong and what you think is right.

One of my strong values involves working at a place which doesn’t invest in any businesses I don’t wish to take part in, but support a good cause that I would like to use in my personal life as well. I love telling people about Freedom of Choice, because you can’t find this anywhere else. They do not invest your money for profit, they make sure to only do this ethically. This main principle of bunq is something I can truly stand by.

Ambition is something that is valued a lot at bunq because of the nature of our business as well as our mission to change a very stale industry like Banking. Confining yourself to an environment where growth is not possible, decreases self-esteem.

At bunq, expectations are high, only because they know you are capable of reaching them. I see it as them simply challenging you to be the best you can be. If there are no expectations, you will not undertake the necessary actions to reach them.

In turn, accomplishing the goals confirm and strengthen your positive beliefs, which nurtures self-esteem and your ambitions. I appreciate the freedom to grow and start your own projects. Personally, I feel like there is no true satisfaction in knowing deep down you could have done better.

Taking pride in your ownerships

Being introduced at bunq one of the first words you hear is ownership. There’s no shit left behind. You get a task, you own it and you work to reach your goals. This can sound daunting to some, as it means you are the one responsible in the end.

On the other hand, it’s liberating. Responsibility is tied to self-esteem as it gives you a sense of control over your life. You’ll feel more confident when you feel you are the one in control over your situation rather than simply a recipient of blame.

Of course, when shit hits the fan, it’s not always in our control. When shit smells, we acknowledge it, and tackle it together. It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s important not to make the same mistake twice.

Owning the responsibility of your happiness will set you free. Given that bunq is the bank of The Free, that’s a message I can really get behind.

Nadeche - Customer Support Guide @ bunq

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