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Let’s celebrate all the great things we achieved in the past year

June 30, 2022

bunq is and will always be a bank built for and by its users. That’s why we’d love to take a moment to celebrate all the amazing things you’ve accomplished in the past year.

6.5 million trees!

Ever since the introduction of bunq Easy Green, bunq users have been planting more and more trees, simply by using their bunq cards. We couldn’t be happier to see so many of you planting so many trees every day. A few weeks ago we passed the milestone of 6.5 million trees. That’s the equivalent of 2 million flights from New York to Paris!

Want to plant trees without any effort and become CO2 free in just 2 years? Discover Easy Green.

Eco-friendly banking

Of course, planting trees is not the only way bunq users have a positive impact on the climate. We continue releasing new features that Make Life Easy and make the world a greener place. Thanks to your feedback, support and ideas, we are well on our way to becoming the first fully mobile, full service bank in the world!

To name but a few recent headlines, bunq became the first neobank to launch a mortgage product. With bunq Easy Mortgages, bunq users can now get a mortgage proposal in less than 24 hours, while at the same time having a positive impact.

The launch of Easy Investments was another first for the world of banking. Through Easy Investments, you now have the ability to grow your wealth by investing in sustainable companies that actively fight climate change.

Local banking, wherever you are

In the past year, the bunq app launched German, French and Spanish IBANs, and we added no less than 15 currencies. With just a tap in the app, you can get an account in the IBAN you want, and send and receive money in the currency you want. Check out how you can bank like a local, wherever you go..

bunq is growing, fast!

Every day, more and more people become bunq users. It’s not surprising then that the total amount of user deposits has now surpassed 1.1 billion euro! We’re very happy to see so many people use bunq in their daily lives. Because we’re growing so fast, we recently opened up offices in Germany, France, Spain and Ireland. That way people in these territories finally get a true, full-service fintech alternative to traditional banking!

Want to join our team and help bunq Make Life Easy for everyone? Check out our job listings in any of our new and existing branches.

The future looks bright in every color of the rainbow!

Millions of trees, a record number of user deposits and all the features you need to Make Life Easy… bunq’s celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year. What was once considered a disruptor has now become the second biggest neobank in the EU, and the only way is up! Thank you for helping bunq become what it is today!

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