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Killing bugs before they kill user experience - David’s story

March 10, 2022

...now making a difference at bunq.  

It all started with a vacation. After grinding away in a sales job for several years I needed a break far from home, and where could be further from New Zealand than the Netherlands? So I put on a backpack and jumped on a plane, planning to travel through Europe for a couple of months. 

This is where I had my first encounter with bunq🌈

I hadn’t realized how much my bank was charging me in exchange, overseas use and withdrawal fees. A local solution was required, and it came to me via a bus stop poster. Make an account in 5 mins? Challenge accepted. And bunq did it! That, combined with the insane functionality and a couple of great authentic conversations with the Support team gave me a super positive feel for bunq. 

As the end of my vacation got closer, I realized that I wasn’t ready to leave yet. Amazing experiences all over Europe, rekindled connections with long lost family and a strong feeling that life was much more exciting here got me to tactically miss my return flight. But if I was going to stay, I’d need to find some work. 

Customer Service wasn’t a job that I really wanted to do, but given the personality and individuality that bunq Support guides I'd talked to had shown, I wanted to join that team. I tested my fit (3 times, actually) and finally they gave me a shot. The thing that stood out to me from day one is the passion bunqers put into their work, and that everyone made themselves available to explain things and resolve problems.

Working in a bank is like solving a puzzle🧩

There are lots of pieces that fit together to get to the big picture. When someone is missing a payment or reaches out to Support with an interesting bug,  you get to dive through the accounts and the apps to understand exactly how it happened and what we can do to fix it.

One day, I noticed a pattern with online scams;  It seemed like scammers were more active on Fridays afternoons, hoping that the weekend would give them more time to run away with the money. I absolutely hate scamming, so I thought of a process that could block some of these accounts instantly. This way, we could return more money to victims. That’s the cool thing about bunq, if you have an idea that can make a difference, you can make it happen quicker than anywhere else.

My love of finding and solving bugs made me the perfect candidate to move to our Quality Assurance team🙌

Here I got to really understand bunq’s inner workings and give critical feedback to make sure we fixed bugs before they got to you. It's a lot of pressure to be the last one to give the ✅ before the apps are updated! Solving bugs also means creative input; I was able to work with our developers to not just find simple solutions, but also the best solution to keep our users happy. 

Creative input is what I value most about my work. Anyone from any department can come up with ideas to make things better, and they are taken seriously. Once I’d been a QA Engineer for a year, I was asked to join the Product team, so that I could focus on taking the input we got from our users and bunqers, and putting it into action. These days I focus on making bunq more intuitive for you, shaving off any sharp corners and polishing the whole bunq experience to be smooth and simple for everyone.

Anyone who knows me knows I can't tell a short story, so I'll leave a TLDR here⬇️

I’ve never worked anywhere that gives the kind of opportunities that bunq does. The right person with the right attitude and desire to make a difference goes much further than someone who just has the right qualifications. I was given a chance to prove my value, and I've developed more in 3 years here than 10 anywhere else because of it. Can't wait to be a part of all the cool things coming up next!

Inspired by David’s story❓

You too can make a difference every day! We currently have plenty of job opportunities open. Test your fit and advance your career today.

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