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May 14, 2020

Products and Services

Keep your money extra safe with these 6 bunq features

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a digital bank? We’re guessing money. But safety is a close second, isn’t it?

And that’s absolutely normal. You want your hard-earned money to be stored in a safe place. With the rise of digital banks, a lot of people wondered if these can store money just as safely. We’re happy to tell you that bunq takes extra care of your money, through unique features and benefits. Let’s have a look at what these are!

Privacy first! 🔒

Ever had to check your balance in public? Then you probably looked for a quiet corner or tried to cover the screen with your hand, to make sure no one else can see your finances. Fair enough.

Ever wanted to show a friend something awesome in the bunq app, but didn’t really want them to know how much money you have? Understandable.

For situations like these and many others, bunq lets you keep your balance private with one tap. Just click on the little eye icon on the top of your screen, and the numbers will be blurred until you decide to change that! Never worry about curious people around you and keep your balance private with bunq.

Your security code updates in 3,2,1... ⏳

You may have noticed that your bunq card does not have a CVC security code on it. This is to keep your money safe, in case the card is no longer in your possession. You can still find it in your app, but did you know that you can automatically update the code in-app every 5 minutes? This way, you always have the maximum level of protection!

Online Cards can magically disappear 💨

Your Online Cards can be used with multiple bank accounts for easy budgeting and a clear overview! You get hem included in your Easy Money or Easy Green subscription - and here’s the cool part! You can immediately dispose of them once you’ve done your purchase, for extra safety. If this was a physical card, it would be a lot more work to get it replaced. And of course, it’s bad for the environment.

Wave hello! 👋

Worried about having all this data on your phone? Go the extra mile and activate the hand-scan login! It takes a couple of seconds, and you can make sure that your data stays safe, even if your phone ends up in the wrong hands (pun intended).

PINs? No thanks 🚫

There’ve been plenty of reports in some countries that paying with your card could be dangerous due to faulty PIN machines or ATMs that “remember” your code. bunq offers you options to avoid this problem, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Tap & Pay and an increased contactless limit for your physical cards. Spend your money worry and contact free!

Last but not least - your money is always safe at bunq 🌈

Quick reminder that in 2014, bunq obtained the first European banking permit in over 35 years. What that means is that you can rest assured. Your money is 100% safe and you are covered by the Deposit Guarantee Scheme of the Dutch National Bank, up to € 100,000.

We love to keep you safe! 🙌

Here you go, just some examples of how bunq keeps you and your money extra safe. Did you already know all these tricks?

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