Bunq James Bond is that you Oh its Eva
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James Bond, is that you? Oh, it's Eva

Hi, I’m Eva and I'm crushing compliance at bunq.

How's that for an intro? 😎

Alright, let's get a bit more personal. I’m from Kamchatka peninsula, Russia. Yes, it is very far from Europe, basically next to Japan. Yes, you might know this part of the world due to the board game Risk. I used to be a professional athlete and biathlon national champion, but once I got into university, my heart was stolen by academia and my soul was sold to international economics. No going back.

Before moving to the Netherlands for my Masters, I lived and studied in China 你好朋友们!I wanted to stay there for longer, but life always has something planned for you that in the end... is more fun than your original plans. I came to bunq to do my best and so far I’m keeping with this idea. I like learning languages and exploring cultures, so now I’m focused on Dutch. It's going...alright.

007 🕵️‍♀️

I am Agent 7, unfortunately not 007. I am the face of security at bunq. We're basically protecting our users and financial system from fraud, money launderers and terrorism financing. AKA kicking the asses of bad guys while making the journey of our users safer every day.

bunq life is uber unique 🌈

bunq’s working culture is unique, agile and can not be compared to my previous working places (in Russia and China). There’s a minimum of hierarchy or the usual corporate stuff, there’s no need for pretentiousness. You can be honest with yourself and your colleagues. Of course, we are always under pressure to provide the best and the safest service, but we manage just fine, together! It’s worth mentioning that here you need be a real team player, everyone is equal and we work transparently (this is also a main distinguishing characteristic of bunq).

The whole concept of the company is about people, the big bunq community - users and employees. I never imagined that I’ll meet so many interesting and talented people in one place. That’s what makes me enjoy my work every day.

The road to greatness 🙌🏼

My motivation? To make bunq the best, of course, and keep our users satisfied. Especially with the current pandemic going on, it's way safer to deal with money digitally and not depend on an office schedule - our team works all the time, day and night, weekdays and weekends. It actually makes me feel really happy to realize that we are doing something meaningful for society.

Favorite bunq feature? 🙌

I’ve learned about all the cool features that bunq has. My favorite one is the QR code scanner, because in China I never used any cash, all payments were happening by simply scanning QR codes. That’s exactly what you can do here! And most importantly, as nowadays we’re all heavily dependent on food delivery services, you can make an order on one device and scan it with another one (the lack of this feature is so inconvenient with other apps).

Here’s what you need to know if you’re going to work at bunq 💪🏼

Be ready to go the extra mile, because this is not a classic bank, it is a unique organisation, self sustaining organism, and it needs your expertise and enthusiasm to get onto the next level. It's indeed challenging to work over here, but otherwise it wouldn’t attract the best talents (like...James Bond's twin sister).

All in all, I am happy about finding my place at bunq.

Are you ready to get your career started?

Our Compliance Ops, Onboarding and Support teams are always looking for the brightest talent out there. If you're ready to jump into the bunq adventure, you know what to do: click below!