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Is the new bunq Green Card really “green”?

We did our best to make the new bunq Green Card as “green” as it could be, but how far did we actually go to achieve this?

First things first... why is the card not actually green? ❎

We know what you’re thinking - “Wow, nice card! But wait, why isn’t it green?” Well, we decided that the card doesn’t literally have to be green to support a green initiative.To represent the Green Card being effortless, we actually kept the card as simple as possible and went with white (and it may just happen to look more sleek with our classic rainbow 🌈)

As our designer Natalie puts it:

“White is simple and effortless. Just like the bunq Green Card.”

Is it made from “green” materials? 🌱

Yes it is! As opposed to the regular, plastic cards you find in your wallet, the bunq Green Card is made of stainless steel, drastically reducing the amount of single-use plastic going into our products.

The excess steel used in the card manufacturing process is also recycled to make other cool products!

What about the packaging? 💌

For the bunq Green Card, we wanted to do something bold to celebrate the launch of this awesome, new product. Since we loved making it for you, you should also love receiving it!

We’ve partnered with some great people over at Burgopak to upgrade our old style of packaging into something more in line with the values of the bunq Green Card. Together we created packaging made out of recyclable materials, which we (once you’ve finished admiring it) encourage you to recycle locally.

And the delivery? 📦

With all the air traffic going on in the world, you’re right to be concerned about the actual delivery of the card. We’ve partnered with DHL to deliver your bunq Green Card using their Go Green Solutions, a much greener way of delivering.

DHL Go Green Solutions does a lot of cool things to reduce negative impact on the environment, but here are the things that really made us decide to use them:

  • They offset the carbon emissions created in the delivery process.

  • They provide reports on the carbon emissions used in the delivery process. Full transparency!

  • They address all the different stages of logistics, including warehousing, recycling, packaging and transport.

How long does the card last? ⏰

We know how annoying it can be to replace your bank card, and what a waste of materials this is. That’s why we’ve worked really hard with MasterCard to make your card go the extra mile.

So much so, that we’ve increased the lifetime of the Green Card to 6 years instead of the usual 4. This means a 50% longer life! Imagine how many trees you can plant with that... 🤔

To help you out - we did the math! 👩‍🏫

Math time! 📚

Here’s a hypothetical situation of someone living in our lovely home city of Amsterdam.

This wonderful person is using a bunq Green Card as their primary bank card. They’ve already won the game of life, but let’s keep going. They top it up with any bank account (because you can), and use it every day. Some simple numbers:

They’re buying their monthly groceries 🍏…

  • Their average monthly spend on groceries in Amsterdam is €140 per month. That’s 1.4 trees planted per month on groceries alone.

  • Times that by the extra 24 months of life on the Green Card- that’s an extra 34 trees, meaning 100 trees planted over the course of 6 years from groceries alone.

  • If 100 trees is represented by 1x 🌳, that would be 🌳 tree.

They’re paying rent 🏡...

  • The average monthly rent in Amsterdam is €1000.

  • As sad as that is to think about, there’s an upside - that’s 10 trees planted per month!

  • Times that by the extra 24 months of card life- that’s 240 extra trees planted, making it 720 total trees over the course of 6 years from rent alone.

  • If 100 trees is represented by 1x 🌳, that would be 🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳 trees.

Now imagine all of that, doubled!

Plant double the trees with bunq Premium 🌟

If you get a bunq Green Card as a bunq Premium user, you’ll be planting double the trees each month!!

Using the calculations made above for groceries and rent, and of course with the help of some tree emojis, your current sum of


(that’s 820 actual trees)



(that’s 1640 actual trees planted over the course of 6 years!)

By planting only 1 tree you’ll capture 308kg of carbon over its 25-year growth-life. Spend €1,000 a month with your bunq Green Card? In just 5 years, you’ll offset your yearly carbon footprint and be fully carbon neutral! 👣

Ready to start living your best #GreenLife?

Get a bunq Green Card and start planting trees today!