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Introducing V3: the all-new bunq app

May 29, 2020
Hand holding a phone with the bunq app

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An exclusive group of 200 users were part of this amazing experience. They were the first to test the new bunq app and gave us valuable feedback.

Shortly after, all bunq users got to enjoy the new app and all its benefits. Let's have a look at what the bunq app is all about!

We are bunq - bank of The Free 🌈

We’ve listened to your feedback and put all the things you love in one product, with an updated look to reflect its simplicity.

Rather than just building another transparent, socially conscious bank we took it one step further and built your money swiss army knife, offering you plenty of options that fit your lifestyle. You get the freedom to spend, save and invest your money whichever way you like.

We do this by radically improving banking and the way we deal with money 💰

With bunq you save time, money and CO2 - and the best part is, you do it all at once. As usual, with zero effort, but with the security of a real bank.

It cannot get easier! 🙌

We have simplified everything. Take a look at our beautiful, clean new website to find out more about bunq and its benefits!

In the new app, you can explore everything bunq has to offer with 4 simple tabs:

  • Find everything that’s yours under “me” - like money, time or CO2 saved
  • Check out “us” to see what we achieved together - like total CO2 saved by all bunq users, total investments or total donations. Check out the latest blog posts and Together topics here too!
  • See your “profile” for everything that relates to you - like getting help when you need it
  • Tap “camera” to scan invoices or receipts

Yep, that’s it! Easy, isn’t it? No worries, you can still find all the cool stuff you know and love - just organized Marie Kondo style!

You will spot a couple of new things in the bunq app, like...

Common Goals 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

With Common Goals, you can support what matters to you. Set up a Common Goal, and save together to support your charity! Whether it's supporting a local business or helping to rid the ocean of plastic, all it takes is a tap in the app and you can start collecting donations!

Find all the information about Common Goals here.

Tribes 🌳🌳🌳

Planting trees is now even more fun! bunq Tribes lets you multiply your green impact together with your friends.

You can see which tribe has planted the most trees straight through the app. Want to increase your ranking? Simply invite more friends. Let the games begin!

What are my choices after Update 14? 🌈

Recently, we simplified our subscriptions to better fit your needs. Let’s take a quick look at all the options you have following Update 14!

  • bunq Travel to enjoy easy traveling. If you’re looking for the best card to travel, look no further. Sign up and save 3% on your next travel. (not available anymore)
  • bunq Premium makes your life easy by effortlessly saving money and time every day!
  • bunq Premium Easy Green makes green easy and it lets you become CO2 free in less than 2 years.
  • bunq Business is here to help you save time, every time, so you can focus on what matters: growing your business.
  • bunq Business Easy Green lets you save CO2 all the time and become CO2 free in less than 2 years.

Let’s sum it up! 🎉

With simple subscriptions that fit your needs, more opportunities to contribute to good causes and an app that you can easily navigate, everything you love is brought together in a new, beautiful design.

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