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Introducing bunq easyPlans

We're celebrating 5 years of freedom and dedication to make life easy. To mark the occasion, we’re introducing our new, simplified plans: easyTravel, easyMoney and easyGreen. These apply to both personal as well as business users. Check out what's in it for you!

easyTravel - made for carefree travel ✈️

Travel becomes easyTravel! This is an easy way to take care of expenses abroad without the hassle and cost of foreign exchange fees. You save 3% every time by simply using your beautiful bunq card.

See what’s included in your easyTravel plan here.

easyMoney - easily spend, save & bank with confidence 🌈

Premium becomes easyMoney! This is the best banking experience that helps you and your business manage money more effectively than ever before. easyMoney empowers you to make decisions that change your personal and professional life for the better.

See what’s included in your easyMoney plan here.

easyGreen - Save CO2 with everything you do 🌳

This is the best banking experience you get while making a difference to the world without having to think about it. Through easyGreen, bunq is the only bank in the world that lets you become CO2 free in less than 2 years.

See what’s included in your easyGreen plan here.

Here you go! These are the brand new bunq easyPlans! 🙌

Check out what’s new and explore all the benefits. There are no financial changes for you - only the product getting better to fit your lifestyle.

Love the way bunq makes life easy? Invite a friend to join and plant 20 trees together once they accept your invitation!