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How to start investing: the complete starter's guide

December 20, 2022

So, what exactly is investing?

Online investments are all about buying ‘assets’ (stocks of a company, bonds, commodities like gold and other precious metals, or real estate). 

These assets have an overall worth that either increases or decreases over time, but anyone buying these assets is always betting that their value will increase more than the value of their euro (or dollar!). 

For example, I might have €1000 in my bank account. If I leave it there over a year, my buying power (what I can buy with those €1000) will undoubtedly decrease with inflation. This leaves me with two options: keep my €1000 in a risk-free savings account and earn a steady but relatively low interest rate, or invest my money in stocks.

How can I invest with bunq?

To make investing in stocks simple, we created Easy Investment accounts. You can open one right from the bunq app, and put your money to work in socially responsible investments right away.

To get started, here are the first easy steps:

  • Go to the Home tab
  • Tap on 🟣 + Add
  • Tap on 🟢 + Add Sub-Account
  • Select 🟢 Investing
  • Open an Easy Investment Account ✨

As with any investments, you’re free to choose your risk appetite. This defines the type of stocks or assets you’d like to invest your money in, depending on the precarity (or riskiness) of the value of the asset. To make things easy, we offer three risk appetites, or strategies:

  1. Less Risk - lower risk, lower expected return
  2. Some Risk - stability in risk and return
  3. Vegas Baby! - more risk, higher expected return

What are socially responsible investments?

Sustainable and socially responsible investments fulfil social, ethical and environmental criteria in order to ensure a better and greener world in the future while still providing attractive returns. 

This means your investments are:

  1. Only made in companies, organizations, and countries that have adopted environmentally friendly practices 🌱
  2. Never made in certain industries, such as arms trade, tobacco and coal industry, porn industry and others that can have a damaging impact on society ❌

Can I invest automatically?

As always, our goal is to make life easy, so we made it simple for you to easily invest your spare change in stocks every time you make a payment. 

Just like AutoSave, you can set your bunq app to round up all your card payments to the nearest € and invest the difference automatically 💪

Disclaimer: We partnered with Birdee to bring you Easy Investments right from the bunq app. As with all investments, you may gain or lose money.

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