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How to make your website more visible: 5 steps to success

May 20, 2021

Many people create their own blogs and websites to monetize them and promote their personal brands. While it’s a real opportunity to make some serious money, you have to make a name for yourself first. And for that, you’ll need promotion.

This doesn’t necessarily mean hiring a marketing team and doing everything by the book. There are many other ways to make your website visible, like incorporating at least 3 of these next steps into your promotion technique (but it’s better to add all 5 to the list).

1. Get high-quality backlinks

A guest posting campaign, as described on lilachbullock.com, will provide you with backlinks from all kinds of services. The posts will cater to the purpose of your website and incorporate the links neatly and smoothly.

You can write the posts yourself, contact webmasters yourself, and get amazing results. But it will take a lot of time and require quite some skills. How’s your writing? What about communication? Do you have a business pitch?

If you’re not sure about these, or don’t have the time to focus on them, you probably need some external help. A service that will take care of your backlink profile while you focus on the core business and being all creative.

2. Work on your search engine ranking

Get noticed, indexed, and ranked high by Google. This may take some time, but a clean job will provide clean results! Here are some tips:

  • Use media content to highlight the most important topics on the blog. Images, videos, infographics will all work. If possible, try to use authentic content (photos taken by you or for you, real video reviews of products and services, etc.);
  • Make your website an experience, but make sure it doesn’t make the loading time an eternity. Interactive elements, surprises, games connected to your topic will bring more people and make Google give you a higher ranking;
  • Optimize your website and/or blog for mobile users. Most people are surfing the net using their phones now. You must be there for them to provide answers in a convenient space.
  • Incorporate SEO copywriting in your posts. This will make sure your keywords are proper, Google sees them, and ranks you higher.

3. Mention your website on social media and other websites

This isn’t about regular backlinks. Create a page on:

  • Google My Business
  • Yelp
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LocalGuides, etc.

Mention your website there. The more services you cover, the better. But make sure every profile is well-maintained and frequently updated. It’s worse to have an outdated or empty profile than none at all.

Google My Business will get your website on Google Maps search. So, when people look for your services or products in their area, if you are there, they will see it. By visiting an interesting website filled with necessary information, they can be converted into loyal customers.

4. Get Google verification

Let’s make it official and get your website verified by Google!

This is a continuing step to Google My Business, but this tactic deserves a separate section, to be honest.

For the search engine to crawl your pages faster and rank you higher, submit the information about your business to Google My Business. Here’s how:

  1. Visit Google My Business and create an account for your company;
  2. Find the office (if there is such) on Google Maps and click on it to save for your account;
  3. Claim this business on the Maps;
  4. That’s it, you’re fabulous.

Make sure to use proper keywords when adding information about your business. This will really help if you have a store or another type of business. If you’re a beginner in blogging, it’s better to focus on the other hacks.

5. Create a campaign using Google Ads

Like the cherry on the cake, a Google Ads campaign finishes this list of hacks to get your website noticed by more people. Yes, it does cost money, but if you’re serious about your blog or project and its development, a promotional campaign is a must-do at some point.

Chances are, your website will be the first one on the list of ads before the actual search results. Just make sure your website is filled with proper keywords so that people can actually find it.

Cover as much ground as you can and make your website known. The target audience is waiting for you, surfing the Internet to find answers to their questions. Provide answers, experience, high-quality content, and you will be loved by readers, Google, and social media. And all of those are going to make you popular and offer opportunities for monetization!

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