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How to improve work-life balance for your employees

November 20, 2022

Research shows 60% of employees complain about their work-life balance. Stress is a modern workplace phenomenon that is becoming more common.

The average worker has one or two stressors in their life that they need to manage. These stressors might include things like long work hours, a grueling commute, or caring for a sick parent.

If someone deals with a multitude of stressors for some time, the possibility of going into a stressful overload becomes very real. Over time, it can even become difficult to know what the primary stressor is, let alone how to manage it effectively. An unbalanced work life is one such example of unmanaged stress.

Unmanaged work-life balance is dangerous and can have lasting effects on an employee's health. However, there are ways to improve your employee's work-life balance practices. We've gathered the best techniques for you here.

Offer Schedule Flexibility

With the pandemic came a whole new way of organizing work and many organizations turned to remote work hours as the main component of their work environments. After people began to return to work, one lasting impact of the pandemic was that employees were happier working from home at least part of the time.

Many people would rather have the option to work from home and come into the office only a few days during the week.

By offering more flexible schedules for your employees, not only are you giving them a chance to control their work environment, but you're also giving them the freedom to work how they want to, show time management and manage when they're working, while you show trust in their work ethic and show your employees that they are valued in the eyes of the company.

And last but not least, when employees can control how and when they work, it can help to increase the efficiency and the quality of their work.

Pay Employees on Time

When employees are working hard and not getting to spend the time they want with their families, nothing makes it worse than not receiving the right amount of pay or not being paid on time. It's essential that if you want to help employees continue to practice a healthy work-life balance, you do your part.

Part of doing your part as an employer is to pay staff on time at all times. They come in and do the work, so you should ensure they're compensated for the work they've done.

We recommend that to ensure you can manage the expenses for your company, you open a business account like the ones offered by bunq.

Not only are our plans great for businesses of any scale, but we also offer a trial period that allows you to test accounts until you find the right plan for your business and your employees.

Review Employee Workloads

Being overworked can affect every aspect of your employees' lives. It's crucial that you review the workloads for each of your employees at various times throughout each quarter.

This is to ensure that you're not putting more on each employee than they can manage. Ensure the duties you're assigning to each member of your staff set them up for success rather than failure.

An assessment of your employee's workload can ensure that employees are avoiding burnout at work. It also helps to spend time regularly talking to employees and getting their input on the work they've been tasked with. 

Set the Example

How can you implement a work-life balance policy if you need to set an example for your employees? The best leaders don't tell people what to do; they show them what to do by leading by example.

Not only can this be helpful in fostering better work-life balance practices, but it can also create a healthy work environment for everyone who works at your company. To enforce your policy, there are several things you can do:

  • Ensure everyone is leaving the office at a reasonable time
  • Allow employees to take breaks
  • Set reasonable work delivery timetables
  • The better you are at setting the example, the better your employees and company will function

Offer Extra Employee Perks

When employees have balance in their lives, it can help them prosper inside and outside the office. One way to ensure that employees are healthy and in the proper mental space to do their jobs could mean offering them extra perks.

For example, you could offer a discounted gym membership for your employees. This will give them the opportunity to take control of their mental and physical health.

It can also prove beneficial to offer employees tax help when it's time for them to file their taxes. Tax support is great for employees who may have made a recent change in their lives or have tax questions that require a more expert opinion.

Work-Life Balance Practice: Making a Difference In Employees' Lives

When it comes to work-life balance practices, there are several things you can do to help your employees, including offering extra employee perks. It also helps if you pay them on time for the work they're doing daily.

To ensure you're on top of all your business account expenses, you need a business account that fulfills all your business needs.

Discover the many ways bunq Business makes life easy for you and your employees. You can try it for free for a full month. Join us now.

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