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How to celebrate the holidays in a sustainable way

December 8, 2021

If you’d like to enjoy the holiday season while being mindful of sustainability, we’ve put together this guide just for you.

Sustainable shopping🎁

What does that mean? Recognizing that everything we buy has an impact on the world and the environment. Some, of course, more than others. Taking that into account, it’s up to us to decide what we want to invest in, thus what brands or companies we support. 

Nowadays we have plenty of options to shop in a sustainable way. Things to look at when trying to shop greener:

  • The source of the goods - how they were made, by whom, and how were the people involved in the process treated.
  • The materials used for the goods - think raw materials and packaging. Some materials are more damaging to the environment by being less durable, or not easily disposable in a proper manner, like plastic. Recyclable gifts are always great!
  • Shop locally as much as possible - by doing this, you also ensure that less CO2 is used to bring this little gift to your doorstep. Less logistic, less distance = better for the environment (most of the time - still mind the other steps!).

Sustainable food🍲

Let’s face it, we all like to treat ourselves a bit more with yummy food around the holiday season. And that’s perfectly fine! Thankfully, the food industry has come a long way when it comes to sustainable meals (less CO2 waste) that hit the spot. From delicious meat-free burgers to oat-based milk that enchantes your morning coffee, the choice is yours.

A simple search for holiday season vegan recipes will give you thousands of options. Pies, oven dishes, desserts...plenty of environmentally friendly ways to enjoy great food this season.

Remember, every step counts - the menu may not be fully vegan, but changing our ways even a little bit (from meat in every dish to meat in half of them) matters.

Sustainable travel🚞

Going home to see the family, or scheduling a ski trip? Have fun! If you’d like to travel in a sustainable way, there are a couple of things to take into account.

First things first: is it possible to not fly there? If you’re traveling within Europe, chances are that you can get to your destination through other ways. For example, if a car can take you there, try to rent an electric one to minimize your CO2 footprint. Trains are also a great way to travel - and you can enjoy all the views on the way.

If your dream destination is too far away for this to be possible, you can still minimize your carbon footprint. Most airlines nowadays give you the option of paying a little extra, helping you compensate for your CO2 emissions. Usually, this amount is invested in a green project.

Sustainable banking🌈

Gifts, meals and travels - what do they all have in common? They cost money. Yes, we know, very unfair.

Therefore, if you’re looking to spend your holidays in a sustainable way, it’s also important that you look for sustainable banking. As you probably know, most banks don’t have a great reputation of being transparent and green - quite the opposite, they could harm the environment. Make sure you do your research, so you don’t accidentally fund something that doesn’t match your values.

bunq never invests in shady businesses, by default. With Freedom of Choice, you get to decide where your money gets invested. Green companies only? We can do that.  If you want to take your green fight a step further, you could opt for the Easy Green banking plan which lets you plant a tree for every €100 spent with your bunq cards - making you CO2 free in just 2 years, with zero effort.

Sounds like the green bank you’ve been looking for, but you’re not ready to commit? No worries. Start your free 30 day trial today to see what bunq is all about. 

From all of us here at bunq, have a wonderful holiday season🎉

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